Strange music choices ...

I just realized, by glancing at the jewel-cases on my desk, that I have a rather strange theme going today. In fact it’s so strange that I don’t even know what it is. Here are the last three CDs, in order, that I’ve played today.

Elton John - Songs from the West Coast
Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
Brave Combo - Polkasonic

Dammit brain, pick a genre.

I just saw the Prodigy on Sunday. (They rocked.)

I spent a fine afternoon at the laundromat listening to Raw Power and reading Pride and Prejudice.

Homebrew-- immediatly go home and start drinking (beer) heavily!

Sounds like what my ex once said while looking over my music collection: “You know, there’s a difference between eclectic and schizophrenic!”


You want a strange music choice, watch the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As the war ends and the characters scatter to their new duties, Julian thinks about his friend Miles while “The Way You Look Tonight” plays in the background.

Uh, Julian? Miles is married. Miles don’t swing that way.

I’ve spent the entire day listening to the same CD over and over, since it so perfectly fits my mood today (Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon). But if you looked at the variety of CD’s I have up here at work, you’d be convinced I was schizophrenic.

From country to broadway to classical to jazz to disco to blues to Christmas music to word music to French music to mambos, cha-cha’s and Billy Idol!

I’m 180 degrees away…Bring a few CD’s a week in from home, burn MP3’s onto my workstation and play the tracks throughout the day. 1600 tracks are only taking up 8gb drive space. The 1st thing I look forward to when I get in is launching the Mp3 player, hitting the shuffle button, minimizing the jukebox and prepare myself for some weird & unique segues. I just maximized the player for the 1st time today and here are the next 13 tracks on queue before I leave to head home:
Whale-Homo Humpin Slobo Babe
John Lee Hooker-714 Blues
Traffic-House For Everyone
Zebra-Take Your Fingers From My Hair
Black Sabbath-Hand Of Doom
Pretenders-Time The Avenger
Mike Watt-Against The 70S
Mondern Man-ESPN
Prozzak-Sucks To Be You
12th Night-The Collector
Stones-Stray Cat Blues
Greg Brown-Let Me be Your Gigolo

I’m looking at it now on screen and it appears to be total mish-mosh…a PD’s nightmare. The random variety thrown to me never gets stale. I’ve found even the weirdest segues can be interesting. I missed-out on the progressive FM radio era so I guess I’ll have to be content letting my PC’s mp3 jukebox be my deaf / mute air personality.

Hahahaha check out MY goofy cd library:

Frank Sinatra
No Doubt
Rob Zombie
Charlotte Church
Christina Aguilera
Shania Twain

Tori Amos.
Depeche Mode.
The Beatles (including several MP3s of John Lennon’s solo stuff).
Nina Hagen.
Einstürzende Neubauten.

You guys are weeeeird.

My current listening habits:

Morten Lauridsen
The Eels
Louis & Ella
Michael Jackson
Dr. Dre
The Beatles
Welsh folk music
Doc Watson
The Strokes