Strange phone number assignment for new cell phone--what are the odds?

Right, I have assumed this was due to people moving. Are you saying it’s common for people to be assigned a cell number with a different area code from where they live?

Depending on the vendor and what blocks of numbers they have access to, they can if they want give you a choice of what area code your phone will have.

The last couple of times I did it the asked me essentially if I wanted s number for the central city or s number for the suburbs. It didn’t matter what my address was.

That makes sense.

Seems very strange that my wife (in Indianapolis) was assigned a California area code, with the same prefix, when that just happens to be the same area code/prefix as her old number which she was requesting be transferred.

I gotta agree with core. If you’re going to make something up make it up the real and proper way and not just all wily-nilly.

Make your fake real fake and not fake fake.

This is possibly the stupidest issue I’ve ever seen brought up on the sdmb.

Alright for the next time I need to make up a placeholder phone number and need to make it an immediately recognizable pattern for ready comparison with another number, is 987 a real area code?

Does not appear to be one.