Strange Recycling Tips

I don’t know why I thought of this and I am not all that environmentally friendly but there are some cool ways to recycle.

My favorite recycling tip is using those bags that your newspaper comes in. (I don’t get the paper anymore but when I did I saved those bags.)

When traveling, I would put my shoes in those bags to keep them from soiling my clean clothes at the beginning of the trip.

When walking the dog or one of the pets poops in the house I double bag my hand (in case there is a small tear in the bag) and pick it up pull the bag off my arm turning it inside out and tie the end in a knot. (do not do with fresh warm poo, it’s plain gross!)

These are also great for holding trash in your car.

Anyone else with recycling tips?

Since I have a kid, I use a lot of our trash to make arts and crafts. One that the kids really liked was making suncatchers out of cds. You can poke two holes in a margarine tub lid, fill the tub with water and a squirt of dishsoap and, stick a straw in one hole, and Viola! it’s a bubble machine.

If you have a wobbly table, you can cut off a bit of cork and glue it on the short leg. It looks a lot better than a big piece of folded up cardboard!

I give my mom my old bubble wrap and she takes it to the day care where she works and tapes it on the floor for the kids to jump on. It’s a life saver on rainy days!

We’re really lucky here, we’ve got a great recycling program. In fact, I have 5 separate trash cans, for all the catagories of trash!

I stuff everything into the fireplace & burn it when there is enough stuff. This generates heat which is nice.

If you have a little chunk of a bar of soap left, you can get a new bar, get them both really wet (e.g. take a shower and use them) and then mash them together. When they dry, they will be permanently fused. Never wast that last little bit of soap again!

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