Strange start-up programs...

I own a PC, (Pentium 3 500 Mhz) running Windows 98. Taking a hint from an IT expert, I run “msconfig.exe” from Start Menu -> Run and try to disable some start up programs.

Some start up programs are pretty straight forward, but there are some of them which are pretty anarchic to me (considering that I took a course in computing…) Anyone else can identify me for them?

They are…

NvClipDaemon - RUNDLL32.EXE C:\WINDOWS\STARTUP\NvCpl.dll, NvStartup

nwiz - nwiz /install

Machine Debug Manager

PowerReg Scheduler V2

Many thanks in advance!

I believe that NvClipDaemon is the control panel extension for nVidia cards.
nwiz is also from nVidia.

Machine Debug Manager is a Microsoft program that “manages local and remote debugging for Visual Studio debuggers”.

PowerReg Scheduler is a reminder to register some software (Partition Magic amongst others), and can be removed.

WhenUSave is AFAIK a name used by some spyware. You can download Ad-Aware from to get rid of it.

Many thanks!

If you ever have any questions about startup programs, use
This link Warning: This is a biiiig page, and may take some time to completely load, esp. over dialup. This is about the most comprehensive list of startup programs that I have found. 2200+ startup programs listed…whew!



I also need to thank you all for this information. I can rid of a lot of crap this way. Yay!