Stranger buys foreclosed home, gives it back to residents

I’m a cold hearted dickhead most of the time but I have to admit that this lady did a very nice thing that I would describe as “touching”.

It’s a video so if you don’t want to watch it a lady was at the foreclosure auction that her house was being sold at crying basically to see it go away for the last time. Another lady who was there buying houses saw the crying woman and ended up buying the house and giving it to her just on her word. No one asked her to do it. She just did.

She was somewhat non-chalant about it, maybe a bit too much, but she still did a very nice thing for a stranger.

Ah gee, what a damn nice lady and what a damn nice thing to do.

I’m not sure that she just gave the house back to the original owner… they didn’t actually say that. It seems more likely that new owner will rent it back to the original owner. But it wasn’t clear from the video.

Regardless of rent or ownership, that really was a sweet thing to do. :slight_smile: