Stranger Than Fiction Symbolism - Spoliers

Just saw STF last night and really enjoyed it. Better than the trailers had led me to believe. I have a question about some of the symbolism at the end. Warning!! Spoilers

After deciding to change the ending, Emma Thompson says something like: “it’s one thing to kill off a man, and another thing to kill off a man that knows he is going to die but does so willingly to save a child’s life”. It was like a sudden jolt of religious symbolism that I was not expecting. Anyone else see this as an allusion to Jesus sacrificing himself to save mankind even though he knew it was coming? BTW, I’m an atheist if that matters.

I saw it last night and absolutely loved it. I was very pleasantly suprised, as the previews do not do it justice.

I didn’t see the symbolism you were talking about. I suppose you could see a religious message in just about anything if you look hard enough…

What I’ve been wondering about this film - and this is for people who have seen it and are particularly interested in film: Is it any different from the standard PG-13, made-to-order formula movie?

I don’t particularly care for Will Ferrell or PG-13 movies but this one has been on my radar and I can’t figure out from the trailers and reviews whether or not it’s one of those “have a profit-making script on my desk by 3rd quarter” movies or not. If it’s not, I kind of want to see it.

It’s not the ususal Will ferrell wacky comedy. It’s a lot more similar to something like Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind (but not as deep). I’d say it’s Charlie Kaufman lite.

I didn’t see the ending as Christo-symbolic, but more as an excuse Emma Thompson gave herself for saving the character.