Strangest scam I ever heard of

In Sept I ordered a TV stand from FB Marketplace, from Burney Furniture. I checked them out, everything seemed OK.
Got a confirmation email, but a few days later got another one saying the order was canceled, and my card was refunded. Today I get a FB notification that it was being delivered today, but to an address on the other side of Virginia. I called Burney, in Louisiana, and they said they don’t deliver to VA and were aware of scams using their company name.

What I don’t understand is if it is a scam why my card was refunded and they sent a notification. I can only assume they will charge my card later. But again, why send me a notification with a tracking number? Maybe it is legit and somehow they sent it to the wrong address, but in the email they have my correct address.

I called my credit card company to have card canceled and replaced, which is a hassle, but rep said she didn’t know if that was necessary since my card was refunded. I agreed, will monitor card to see if I do get charged.

Still can’t believe I didn’t call Burney up to verify, what am I, 12 years old? Or 58 and getting senile?