Strascynzki's: Rising Stars

Has anyone read this comic? In my opinion it’s one of the best comic books I’ve ever read. I love the premise of a single generation of really high power super heroes and the affect that they have on the world, and how they change it. I bought the Trade Paperback for $ 110 and when I got home I read it straight through it took about 6 hours. It was totally worth everything in time and money that I spent on it, I absolutely loved it and was touched very deeply by it? Who else read it and loved it?


Did you mean $10?

Either way, I enjoyed the first volume. After that, I thought it was pretty decent, but not as good as the first volume…

I enjoyed it. Hated the delay near the end, but I enjoyed the book.

That said, it did feel like the last third of the book was just a get it over with kind of story.

Haven’t read the comic, but I have read the first two novelizations of the series. Does this mean there is an ending to the story now (after liberating Chicago)?

I didn’t realize it eventually ended! I own and love the first book, and I’ve read the second book and that short volume that had flashback stories, but last I remember was some ridiculous delay.

Yeah it ends, it’s really good. I liked it all the way through. It left me with a really intense feeling about it.

Sean Factotum: Yes it goes further than that.

Man, I remember how excited I was when the third trade finally came out. But could the ending live up to my expectations and ~2 years of anxious waiting?
Eh, not really.

The ending was ok, but I don’t think that it did the earlier murder mystery story arc justice.

I liked the treatment of the superheroes as a seriously Earth shaking event, rather than “Superheroes appear and it’s just the same old world as it always was.”

Psst! If you like Rising Stars, maybe you would also like Straczynski’s Supreme Power?

Shameless SP fangirl

And if you like that, I hear there’s some TV show he did that’s worth checking out. Something about some folks living on a space station. Sounds like a DS9 ripoff to me :smiley: flees

Seriously though, if you watch B5, check out Crusade as well (this goes doubly for any Browncoats who weren’t around to take part in the Crusade For Crusade).

I think he also did some other TV shows, including an older one and a couple of newer ones.

I liked that too, but I just thought that the whole ‘change the world’ montage was not as fleshed out as the murder mystery of the first trade. Of course, it may not be fair to expect the whole thing to be that good, because, damn, that first one was fantastic.

I, too, like Supreme Power. Have they come out with the third trade yet?

Yeah, came out a few months ago. A friend of mine is borrowing it, so I can’t remember the title. However, Hyperion in this book is the way I wish Superman was written.

Though Iadvise avoiding Supreme Power like theplague (pretty art, zero substance), let me recommend Midnight Nation. JMS and the same artist from SP (Gary something…) do a 12 issue mini series about a man on a journey looking for his soul.

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