Streaming meetings online - What is the preferred way?

One of the resident PHBs decided to task me with figuring out how to stream an upcoming (i.e.: tomorrow) meeting regarding a change in benefits with a handful of satellite offices. Of course they came up with this idea with less than a week of advance notice - during a time when I was already scheduled to be out two of those days. :rolleyes:

They want the video to be transmitted so that the viewers can watch it full screen, as if they were sitting in front of the presenter, and questions can be asked. The Q&A portion has some flexibility - we can have them email them to the presenter as they come up rather than ask them mid-stream, etc. We can also create a conference bridge with the phone system for audio rather than running both audio and video over the net.

Things I’ve tried - I connected a (pro-level?) Sony DVCAM to a laptop and managed to get it (sort of; unreliably) working with a Ustream feed. That camera would not work with either Oovoo or GoToMeeting. The built in webcam worked but does not strike me as the ideal way to try and capture a presentation where the speaker will standing and moving around. I also couldn’t find a way with GoToMeeting to make the video full screen on the viewer’s end. The other issue was that video was very laggy and/or froze frequently in all instances.

What method have Dopers used and found good luck with? What’s the industry standard? I would rather squash the entire thing (“Sorry, not enough advance notice.”) than put together something barely functional - but if possible pulling it together in the 11th hour would be great.

I was granted a day’s reprieve! No one has anything, eh?

Firewire camera will not work with any of the software I’ve tried, so it looks like it’s built in webcam (not ideal) or nothing.