Streaming PC gaming from PC to TV: suggestions?

So I need some suggestions. I have a nice 4K 65” flat screen snoy Bravia tv (the model is xbr-65d if that helps) and I would like to get stuff from my pc to the tv (to play games like red dead 2 and fallout 76/fallout 4). I already have an Xbox but would like to play stuff from the pc on the tv also. The problem is the computer is in my upstairs front room and the tv is in my den in the back of the house ( on the first floor). I have a LAN jack hooked up between the computer and tv so I can get smart tv functions on the tv. But I’m wondering what is the best way to get gaming from computer to tv. HDMI? Ethernet? And will the gaming be slow because of the distance of the cable? Thank you for any help

You should be able to do it with an HDMI cable. The real problem is going to be your controls. I’m guessing you’d need some kind of super-long USB cables for your mouse and keyboard, and probably also an external speaker. The physical distance between the devices is trivial. Your wire could be ten miles long and you wouldn’t notice a difference.

As far as signal delay that’s true, but signal attenuation limits an HDMI cable to about 50 feet in length, and a USB cable to about 16 feet. You could try Miracast to cast your PC to your TV if both devices support it (or add a Roku or similar device if the computer does but the TV doesn’t), but the controls are still going to be a problem.

Hook up a SteamOS box or even a Windows laptop running Steam to your TV and use Steam in-home streaming:

You want a Steam Link.

It works really well if you have a decent internet connection. No second computer required.

They put it on sale pretty frequently - I got mine plus a Steam controller for something like thirty dollars.

This is a much better solution than my suggestion.

I bought an NVIDIA Shield TV a couple of years ago - does an excellent job of streaming (supported) games - if you dont want to be dependent on Steam (but it also allow you to stream Steam). However, it requires you have a Nvidia graphics card in your PC.

I’ll second the Nvidia Shield suggestion. It works quite well and is all pretty much the best all-around Android TV box you can buy.

You probably already know this by now, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is not available for PC, and as far as I know, such availability has not been announced.

If you go this route, definitely hook up ethernet. It sucks over wireless.

And if you’re playing Fallout, I can’t imagine intentionally using a controller, but get one anyway.

It’s Rockstar. They always take at least a year to bring out the PC version, but inevitably do. And at this point, they almost have to.

Scratch that, I had thought the first one eventually came out for PC, my mistake. GTA5 took 19 months to come out for PC.

Thought I’d bump this - Steam has a sale going on right now and the Steam Link is 95% off. That’s 2.50 for the hardware you need to stream to your television. They’re hoping you’ll buy a controller to go with it, but you don’t have to. You can plug a keyboard and mouse into it if that’s your preference.


Valve quietly discontinues Steam Link hardware production
Remaining stock is sold out in Europe, “almost sold out in the US.”

Keep in mind that it’s not discontinued because it’s bad or doesn’t work but because they’ve developed software solutions that do the same job. You can download Steam Link onto your Android-based smart TV (maybe there’s an iOS version, I dunno) and use it directly without needing an extra gizmo.

That said, the hardware solution seems to work more trouble-free across a wider range of devices so if you’re interested then it’s hard to go wrong for a couple bucks trying.

If my smart TV isn’t Android-based, would Terminus Est’s solution work just as well? Install Steam on my laptop, and connect my laptop to my TV?

It should. At that point, your laptop is doing the streaming connection and just pumping an image to the screen.

There are so many options for you! You can find them here if you want. Good luck!