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There is plenty of video news available on the web, but it all seems to be individual clips of specific stories. Is there any way to get the equivalent of a regular news broadcast, including several stories and the weather? I wouldn’t mind if it was a recording from a few hours ago, as long as I could hit “play” just once, and then get the news fed to me while I eat breakfast or supper.

Here in the Detroit metro area you can stream local news from a ROKU box; just search through their news channels. Pretty much much like you describe except you have a list of different stories so you may have to hit play more than once, it gets updated a couple of times a day.

In St. Louis, at least one of the local stations streams its local newscasts (morning, midday, evening and night) so the feed is almost always less than four hours old.

You might be interested in Livestream. It’s a streaming platform to watch and/or broadcast live events. The shows are recorded as well so you can watch them at your convenience, but news programs are updated regularly so you can’t watch a broadcast from the night before. Here’s the link for the news category: The cool thing is you can use the interactive map and choose your local station, (or somewhere nearby).

thanks! I’ll check it out!

It’s not free–$20 per month–but Dish Network is launching a streaming service that includes CNN.

That may be what I need to convince me to get rid of my dish.

On my Amazon FireTV stick, one of the apps available is CBS News. You seem to get a CNN Headline style non-stop feed. Talking heads introducing stories.

This is the Android version. They have several forms.

For a browser embedded stream, CBS has this. Other networks have their own stuff.

(I find it all as boring as can be.)

There’s a program called XBMC, actually it is now called Kodi to get away from the X-Box origination.

You can get Russia Today News quite reliably streamed through Kodi.

Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you didn’t say local, national, international.

I haven’t seen too much in the way of weather in the little that I have been watching it but they do report on extreme weather events.

Also on a Roku, you can stream SKY news. UK centric but decent international coverage.

PBS streams the full episodes of the PBS Newshour: