Street light halos

Does anyone else see “halos” around street lights?

I assume it’s just some optical illusion, but what causes it?

Two possibilities: First, it’s hazy, foggy, or rainy. The haze is only clearly illuminated out to a certain distance from the light, and that’s what you see. This will be a round halo. Secondly, if there’s a layer of glass (windshield, glasses, whatever) between you and the light, you can get glare from it, producing rays from the lamp (usually two, in opposite directions.

I see them. I also tend to see ‘spikes’ around bright lights. I always thought that I saw these things because of failing vision. When I got my first set of glasses last year, I went with the non-glare lenses; I was told that they would significantly reduce the halo/spike phenomena. They didn’t.
I’ve also noticed that these phenomena tend to be more prevalent when I am tired than when wide awake.

I get 'em bad with my glasses. Less so with my contacts. But you should SEE what I see without glass OR contacts! Woooo-hoooo! Every street light, headlight, traffic light, etc is as bright and spiky as a fireworks display! You might try having you doctor check for astimatism, though. Some kind of correction on that might reduce it, but I kinda doubt it. Didn’t help me, any more than the no-glare lenses did.

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If municipalities would just use full cut-off (or properly shielded) street lights, people wouldn’t have all these problems with glare. Improves safety. Saves money. Gives me a better view of the stars
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When my eyes are irritated from wearing my contacts too long, I see halos around street lights. If you see this all or most of the time you should tell your eye doctor about it.

I’ll get this when my eyes are particularly tired or early in the morning, when I still have gunk in my eyes.

It has to be a fairly direct source of light (reflected sunlight or incandescent light) and rubbing my eyes or concentrating on the source of the light will make it go away.