Street Lingo: "Pimps" (or is it "Pimpz") ?

A co-worker’s grandson, (white suburban kid, age 13) and his friends call each other “Pimp” or “Pimps(z)” she said.

“Do they even know what that means?” she asked.
“Do we even know what it means to them?” I replied.

By the way, she said her grandson didn’t even have a girlfriend, much less several of them (if that’s a factor).

So, what does “pimp” mean when used by the kids?

While we’re at it, what is “props” short for, anyhow?

“Pimp” as used by those of the age you’re talking about doesn’t mean “protector and purveyor of prostitutes”, although its derived from that. Its all part of a hip-hop-based faux-blaxploitation group of slang terms. Calling someone a “pimp” would probably mean they’re cool/laid-back/etc. They’re probably aware of the real meaning, as well.

Ahh, also: Props. “Props” is supposedly derived from the term “propers”; to give someone props is to give them the respect due to them. Its often used as a general compliment for a specific action or activity; you could give someone props on their fine musical skills, for instance, after hearing a song they performed.

If you mean accessories for a stage or film production, props is short for properties. If you’re talking about the thing on the front of an airplane, it’s short for propeller. If you’re talking about a mathematical problem, it’s short for proposition. If you’re talking about something else, then I don’t know.

Well, among my friends (not that we routinely call each other pimps, but…) calling someone a Pimp is a compliment. Basically its a way to say that someone is smooth with the ladies, or 13 year old girls as the case may be. It also implies that this person is able to get certain favors from a woman without having to spend any money on them to impress them.

You can use “Player” (don’t pronounce the r) or “Mack” in place of pimp, as well.

If you were going to use it as a verb, it would probably come about in a form such as “straight up pimpin’”

The opposite would be a “Playa Hata”.

As for props, its slang for respect.

Here be Word from da Man Hisself: His Stone Cold Baadness, The Original Gangsta, The Mack Daddy, The Freaky Gangbanga.

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You people just like to ruin Ebonics, don’t you?

“Shit boi… Dis joint’s hurtin’. Y’allz iz tight, but, shit’s wack yo. Peace.”

[translation]Jeez, this place is rough. You guys are really cool, but downing on our lingo is kinda’ mean. Bye.[/end translation]

Sheesh! My whitebread 10/14 year olds talk this way to the point where I understand it and don’t give it a second thought. Scary.