Street Talk about Pot

In the old days…not so long ago.
A Nickel Bag of Pot was $5 and a Dime Bag was $10. Is it the same today? What is the lingo these days?

The fractional ounce is the unit of measure these days (or so I’m told ;)).

An ‘Eighth’ is a 1/8 Oz. and will cost $35.00 and up depending on the quality.
A ‘Quarter’ is 1/4 Oz, and so on.

Or so I’m told.

As far as I know, “nickel bags” are still $5 and “dime bags” are still $10. I know this because I had a dealer briefly who sold dime bags. However, I recall that everyone who bought from him expressed wonder, as in “yeah, that guy still sells DIME BAGS!” Kind of like finding that one little shop run by a little old man who still sells Coke in glass bottles.

However, I also recall that the dime bags were full of seeds and the weed was of very low quality. I think in most big cities these days (at least on the east coast) you CAN’T get good weed for less than $30 and eighth, and even then you’re pushing it.

Nicks are still $5 and dimes are still $10, but prices may increase pending the quality/breed of said weed.