Street View for the whole UK!

Well, almost. Google has today unveiled Street View for 96% of British roads, apparently - a big step up from the relatively sparse coverage, confined mostly to major cities, that we had before.

I’m going to waste HOURS on this :slight_smile:

Just spent some time driving around Salisbury. That town is as gorgeous as I remembered.

I just had a look at my old house, to see if it’d changed. But it seems they photographed that street early last year before I moved out. On a Tuesday morning.

I had a peek at lunchtime, my street is now on it. No I’m not saying where it is, somewhere in Milton Keynes. I might try a virtual tour of the roundabouts, I wonder if you can see the cows?

Woo Hoo!

They’ve done a bang up of this. I just assumed that it would just be towns and villages but no, it’s 96% of all roads.

Here’s a very minor road on Skye, for example.

You’ll need to drop the little orange man onto the road as I can’t get direct linking to Street View to work,but it’s worth having a look around.

Here’s a working link.

To link directly to an image, pan around to the view you want and then click “Link” above the top right of the image, and copy and paste the URL that pops up.

They’ve gone right up to the border with the Irish Republic, which appears to be totally unmarked, at least on the minor roads (other than the change in road surface) - Link

In fact they’ve gone a few yards into Ireland in some places, as evidenced by the yellow road markings rather than white: Link Naughty!

I think this is the most northerly place covered. There are roads on Unst, which is further north, but it doesn’t look like Google went there.

Looks to me like the end of the road a little to the west is a tad further north, but there’s not much in it.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the country… (Nothing on Scilly yet!)

We’ve been total All Creatures Great and Small addicts for a while now - now Himself wants to up and move to the moor street views.

They’ve FINALLY added my bit of the road, and I do mean that - for months the street view ended at a point where you could see my building but wouldn’t go up to it. If you looked at what was available there was this whole swathe of south west London that was mapped and then this excluded chunk which I happened to live in. :frowning:

Just using it to have a look around Sweden to, remind me of my holidays there.

Now all they need is to do the backpack cam for all the hiking trails and “right to wander” areas, and a narrowboat cam up and down all the canals.

Hey, where’s St. Mary Mead?

Or at least a very picturesque village. Somebody give me a starting-off point?

3 Abbey Walk, Crowland, Peterborough
The church there is interesting: it’s one part (the north aisle) of a much larger church, which was an abbey before the Reformation in England. You can see in the street view that two thirds of the abbey have (mostly) gone.


If you mean the Miss Marple village, that’s fictional of course, but the ITV adaptations were filmed in Nether Wallop in Hampshire. My in-laws live just down the road from there, and there are lots of pretty villages.

Here’s a more or less random (and very south-centric!) selection of villages and towns that I’d consider rather pretty:

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire

Lavenham, Suffolk (a sad example of the “market square as car park” syndrome)

Winsford, Somerset

Port Isaac, Cornwall (where the TV series Doc Martin is filmed)

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, is famous as it was used for an iconic TV advert in the 1970s. The Street View car wasn’t allowed to go up it, but there are lots of photos linked from Google Maps.

BTW Zsofia - All Creatures Great and Small was filmed in and around Askrigg. I think this is the house that was used as the vets’ surgery.

What’s up with those cows? Civic art project?

Holy crap! I don’t think I’d be driving 100k/hr on that road! I barely do that on our highway here (Trans-Canada out to Langford).

I’ve been poking around London using Google. Actually looked up some of the sights from the Harry Potter movies such as the Millennium Bridge and Trafalgar Square. What I don’t understand is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps. In Google Earth the Street Views open up and then panels block the scene unless I zoom in. That doesn’t happen in Street View if I’m just using Google Maps.

One thing I looked up was the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland. You can see it between the apartments here in Google Street view and a bird’s eye view in Bing. This is a “Ferris Wheel” for boats and was put in to replace a series of boat locks.