I have observed numerous times that many streetlamps go on and off at intervals. What exactly is the point of turning off a streetlamp at random intervals? Are they trying to conserve energy, are the bulbs bad - what’s the deal here? You would think a streetlamp would be more useful if it stayed on continuously until dawn.

– Charlie R., Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to the Boards bodhi. Many people including the master himself have noticed the same thing. Cecil, being Cecil, decided to find out the truth. The bulb is indeed on the way out.

3 things

1> If you are referring to sodium vapor lamps - they tend to do this near their end of life. If you want the technical details let me know.

2> Manytimes the photo detectors (to turn on the lamps at dusk) are not properly positioned. So the sodium vapor lamp lights up and reaches a “certain light level” and trips itself off.

3> There are timers designed to go on and off at random intervals to surprise/scare the bad guys trying to invade your property. Don’t ask me why it should scare them.

:smack: should have searched before posting. thanks tapioca dextrin.