Strength of Gorilla?

How much stronger than humans are gorillas?

Here is a surprising statement

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I kinda remember reading somewhere about a gorilla who was trained to bench 2000 lbs., which is twice as much as the human record. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Despite my above post, I too have a friend that many years ago got in a cage with a monkey for the purpose of boxing. The man warned him that it was much better to let the monkey do his thing and not to fight back. The monkey jumped across the cage, grabbed the face mask on the helmet that was supplied and spent three minutes pounding my friend on the top of that helmet. The friend states that he could tell the monkey possessed tremendous strength. :smack:

I don’t know how much stronger gorillas are than humans, but I do know that robots have the strength of five gorillas. But they’re only five feet tall.