Strep sucks, with no one to baby you.

Three days ago I was diagnosed with strep throat. One of my ears, one tonsil and my vocal chords were infected. The docs gave me a shot of penicillin, in the ass, and sent me to bed.

The next day, the strep was still raging. Both ears, both tonsils and my vocal chords as well as my throat were infected. An ass shot at 0700 another at 1900. Three bags of IV fluid in the morning, 1 in the evening.

Got up this morning to another ass shot and 2 bags of IV fluids. I’ve not eaten in three days since I can’t swallow. My ass now hurts as well as my throat, head and ears.

Tonight they gave me oral P-cillin, some Tylenol say I’m not infectuous and to get back to work. I still can’t eat. I feel like shit. My ass hurts. They say I may have mononucleosis, too. There’s no TV in my berthing. I’ve read all the books I brought on cruise with me. I only got off the ship for 2 1/2 hours when we were in St. Thomas… and it rained. I haven’t had sex for more than a month. And I terribly miss GBS.

And now there’s no one to baby me when I’m sick.

With the exception of the ship sinking in the next day or two, can anything else be this terrible?


well Id be nice to you but since your never nice to me, guess your outta luck :slight_smile: sorry

Love Always,
Heather Lee

Ah, Chief, life has been dumping on you!
((((((sympathetic hug))))))))
Hey, are those doctors quacks? If you still can’t eat and are just off IV’s, doesn’t sound to me like you should be up and defending the country–even if you aren’t infectious now.
Can you email GBS? Borrow some books from somebody? Not tell people you’re not infectious and threaten to lick their silverware if they don’t lend you reading material?
Hang in, you will feel better soon, you will be reunited w/ GBS and life will be good again. And yes, it could be worse.
You could have a whopping bladder infection from all those antibiotics and feel like your peeing molton lava.
There! Feel all better now?
Get well soon, Chief.

Wow big time bummer… hope you feel better soon!!!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

I used to get strep every year when I was a kid. It sucks the big one, mon. I won’t hug ya, but I will wish you the best.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Mono and strep? That cannot be fun.

Hope ya get better quick, Chief.

Poor Chief Scott!!! I’m new here, but have already missed your towering presence and was wondering where you were. “Get back to work”??? Yikes! Sounds like they need to give you some well-earned rest! You are a true soldier in the fight against ignorance. I’ll do what I can, even if that’s just putting on my prettiest panties and sending a heartfelt prayer yer way…

They won’t even let ya play with the CIWS? Damn, that really sucks.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

You know when things can not possibly get worse…

an F-14 hit the drink last night. The incident is under investigation (as always) so can’t say much. Astute reaction by the pilot, though. He ejected himself and his RIO. They were a little damp, but no worse for the wear.
Boy, they didn’t wast any time rolling my butt out of the rack to handle this one!!!

Just an update…


I don’t know if its strep, but the MD I visited Monday said that I had “a nasty looking throat” (is that a professional term?) and prescribed antibiotics for me, too. Now that I think of it, I gave you advice on going to St. John awhile back – could be I gave you a diseased electron? :slight_smile: Anyway, I had my wife pampering me, and its STILL no fun!

I am surprised the navy is still using penicillin when there are much better broad-spectrum antibiotics available. I read an article once that said that the MD that prescribes penicillin is simply too lazy to make an appropriate diagnosis. Tell that to your Medical Officer.

Bummer about that F-14. I sure hate to hear about my tax dollars sinking like that.


I vote for them to fly a cute nurse in there for ya Chief!!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Yeah, strep really sucks when there is no one to baby you…how about how bad LIFE sucks when there is no one to baby you…ever???

(sorry…feeling bitter…needed to vent…everyone move along now…no need to stare at the 30 year old single woman…)

My deepest sympathies Chief…I hated the medical system with a passion when I was in…if it’s any consolation, when I got out, I found that civilian doctors aren’t much better.

For those of you that haven’t had the joy of military service, allow me to give you a quick run-down on the proceedure (least where I served)…If you wake up and feel very bad, first you have to get up…get in uniform and go to work on time. Once you get to work, call medical, convince them you’re sick…get appointment time to see the doctor…(usually manages to always be around 2:00pm)…Suffer through the day working since you’re there. At the appointment time, go to medical…wait for another 1/2 hour (if your lucky) wonder why you got an appointment if they’re always late anyway. Get in to see the corpsman (not a doc) have him take temp/BP/height/weight/and a brief description of your symptoms.
Go back out to lobby to wait…
Eventually, doctor will see you…
Look at your chart…maybe prode you a bit…
Prescribe one of the few medcations that the Military uses…(usually Motrin, pennicillan(sp?)) and send you back to work. If you’re very lucky (and on the verge of death) you may get an SIQ chit…which allows you to go home for the rest of the day (all 10 minutes of it by this time) or even (gasp) the next day too. Very rarely will you get more than that off. If you’re still sick (or haven’t learned your lesson) you can repeate the whole thing the next day. Remember now that SIQ means that you have to be in your Quarters, no heading to the lounge to relax and watch tv…no going over to your GF’s house to have her baby you…gotta be in your bed.

Hope you feel better soon Chief…

“Get thee down. Be thou funky.”

Awwwwww Chief…How you feeling today? Or are you dead? If you are, we are gonna miss you around here.

Chief, I had no idea you were carrying on with George Bernard Shaw! Don’t ask, don’t tell, hhmmmm?

Well, dearest, I want you to think of your Aunt Flora coming to you at night, chiffon scarves trailing behind her, with some yummy hot chocolate and copies of Heartbreak House and Mrs. Warren’s Profession to read out loud to you.

Ukelele Ike can just do without me for one weekend; this is a medical emergency, and I am Madly Keen to Entertain the Troops.

Flora, you crack me up.

I’ve always had a mental image of you as a Dame Edna type (only a bit thinner, younger and prettier) and this just completes it.

(Oh and Chief, hope you’re feelin’ better. I’ve ended up sick in hotels on business trips a couple times and it just sucks!)

I sympathize with your position but I once caught pneumonia and had the pleasure of suffering through it alone. After the shots and the pills and the begging to get off of work without being fired, it was gallons of chicken soup and bed rest and feeling really shitty for a long time. I was between girlfriends at the time and lived alone. Not that it would have mattered because my last two female acquaintances loved to be pampered and cooked for when they were sick but tended to run like hell if I got a cold. Luckily I learned to depend on myself a long time ago.

DO TAKE ALL OF THE MEDICATION, though. Strep is nasty and if you do not take care of it and knock it out, it ‘hides’ in the body, to show up months or years later and can cause cysts in organs or even heart damage. Take much vitamin C, wolf down freshly juiced vegetable juices – like celery-carrot-garlic (just a tiny touch) -apple, and follow doctors orders. Fresh cooked chicken broth is excellent! (Doctors agree, though they do not know why, that chicken soup actually helps cure ills.)

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

I don’t like to be treated like a baby then. I like to be alone & handle it myself. Unless things get complicated I might ask someone in my family to take me to the doc cause I need an interpreter for the doc. Otherwise they treat me for something else.

Chief, think back about three days before you got it. Did you kiss someone? That be the person you got it from possibly.

Mostly just wondering where you are & how you’re doing. I believe I saw a post from you not too far back, but since this thread is floating to the top, and in reference to your illness, how about an update?