Strict Definition of Booger

I don’t buy this. It implies that if one was ever (Og forbid) to, uh, “repatriate” a booger, it would become a nonbooger.

My take on boogeristics is that the condition of peak operating efficiency of the intranasal environment should be the baseline status. Any outflow or semiliquid blockage = snot; any solid ejecta or blockage = booger.

A booger returned to its “habitat” would interfere with the normal operation of the nose, and by that criterion, would remain a booger (unless it happened to dissolve inside the nose, a highly unlikely occurrence).

Exactly! If you were to…reinsert a booger, then its boogerhood would be stripped. More realistically, the boogerhood would be postponed, because unless your nose has some special snot assimiliation process, that chunk of whatever is going to come out first.

I believe if one tries to repatriate a booger to its former home, no good can come out of it. The proto-boogers that live there will shun the returnee and the nose will itch until the traitorous booger is again expelled.

Isn’t that one of Robert Anton Wilson’s unfinished works?

Maybe. Maybe not.


I’m going to have to agree with your wife. My cite is the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, “Don’t you hate it when your boogers freeze?

I’m not sure what good can come from repatriating boogers other than to get compound boogers. Strange that, cutting into one and finding layers. Still, it’s the quickest way to build a core for booger bonsai.

You don’t return the baby bird to its next! Mama doesn’t want it anymore if it’s been handled!!!

All I have to add is that this debate and the burning question of when does one apply apply the term “African-American” will be settled on the same day.

After that, all we’ll have to worry about is the situation in the Middle East.

I vote that any hard, crusty substance, wherever it may be, should be so designated.

As a booger that is, not African-American.

In the bathroom in a local bar, above the urinal, I found what I feel was the ultimate booger. It was an unbroken circle still bearing the cylindrical shape of the nostril where it had recently dwelled, and there were at least two hairs sticking out of it. It was a pale, greenish yellow.

Sorry, but I can’t attest to its resilience.

Now, that was a booger.

I agree that boogers need to have boundaries (if they don’t, they’re snot), but I think they exist as boogers both inside and outside of the nose.

I think “booger” is an American term: I’ve never heard it in the UK or Ireland. Here it’s just snot, whether it’s in-situ snot or expeditionary snot.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Your equivalent is “bogey”.

So, ultimately, no one really nose.

Schroedinger’s Booger

Band Name!!! :stuck_out_tongue: