"Mmm, boogers."

Someone on Earth has said this at some point, and meant it.

There is a sign at my gym that says not to use hair dye in the bathrooms. Which means at some point, someone dyed their hair in the gym shower. And somebody had to make a sign saying this wasn’t acceptable.

I guess what I’m saying, is, people are dumb.

Yeah, but maybe someone out there has particularly tasty boogers. I’m not prepared to deem them dumb automatically.

There is a subtle but crucial difference between enjoying the taste of your own boogers, vs someone else’s boogers.

The question is, would you order them in a restaurant?

Isn’t that what Birds Nest Soup is? A big bowl of phlegm?

Well, some god decided to both put the nose above the mouth and invent gravity, so…

To those who indulge, it is really recycling body protein!
Boogers…not just for lunch!

You’d probably only find them in an expensive French restaurant.

The original nose candy.

Me: "Digging for gold there son?
4 year-old (who appears to be trying to scratch his brain): “No, boogers.”

If sauteing them in garlic can make snails taste good, it will probably work for boogers too.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

Like others, I am sure, I went to grade school with him/her.

It reminds me of that thread around here about the woman who went to her friend’s house and got served a booger sandwich.

What?! Ew!

x 10!!!???

Flashing back to an old grade school joke I remember bits and pieces of ------- the x10 would be if she washed it down with a glass of puss. :eek:

I think you mean pus. :smiley:

Although a glass of puss would be interesting.

Just boogers? No lettuce and tomato?