Should I just ignore this and be kind?

Let’s say you go over to your new friend’s house for the first time. She lives by herself in an apartment and is glad for some company. You two had planned on watching movies, playing games, etc. But when you arrived, it seemed like everywhere you sat, on every chair, wall, even the bed and desktop and in the kitchen, there were dried boogers. She even offered you a sandwich with one sitting between the cheese and lettuce. Would this bother you at all? And if so, would you say anything to your new friend who doesn’t mention them at all?

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll lose a pound today because my appetite is gone.

This is an interesting story.
Really, I don’t know what I’d do if someone gave me a booger sandwich.
Or maybe I’d just eat it.
Let me think about it and get back to you.

Yeah, thanks for making me read this while I was eating.

A booger sandwich???! Um, wow. The rest of it would bother me but not nearly so much as that. Is there anything else in her behavior to indicate you should be worried? Well, it’s a new friend, which would mean to me “no longer a friend”. I don’t make friends with people who offer me booger sandwiches! I’d just never go to her house/eat anything from her again.

Huh? I’d ask her about it. Did she have an explosive case of the sniffles? A disgusting habit?

Or did she just repot a plant that happened to shed innocent little green gummy plant parts everywhere?

I would mention it and ask at least one very pointed question.

Do you have a booger problem?

“I can quit boogers anytime I want!”

Oh, she’s a very nice girl. She was so hospitable. But… it just felt unsanitary. She doesn’t have many friends; I’d hate to abandon her. :frowning:

“Couldn’t it have been before you made my sandwich then?”

Sure, she was nice, but “hospitable” does NOT mean booger sandwich. That is pretty much the antithesis of booger sandwich.

Ok, you have two options here. I mean, if you tell her, you ARE going to hurt her feelings. However, since you are such a new friend, you CAN tell her and hurt her feelings a bit for the long run. I mean, if she wants new friends, she can’t be serving up boogers all the time.

Or you can keep your mouth shut and be friends with her and six months down the line find yourself shouting STOP FEEDING ME BOOGERS BITCH!

I suppose… :frowning: I did ask another friend and he suggested I just invite her over to MY house instead. But I’m worried if she’ll bring her problem to my furniture…

I’m pretty sure I would have been too busy dry heaving to say anything.

We’re all wondering, but no one’s asked yet. Did you eat the sandwich?

Also, I’d make all future meetings with this friend outside of both of your domiciles.

/ “You can pick your friends/you can pick your nose/You can’t pick your friend’s nose” Until now.

Good grief! Haha, no no. I had a “stomach ache” right about then and she took it from me and ate it herself…


And I am glad you asked about eating the sandwich! I was too afraid to ask.

Oh, come on. Like none of us have ever eaten a booger. :slight_smile:

That’s snot funny.

At least it wasn’t a turd burger.


How the hell does someone get dried snot everywhere?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’l going to eat my egg drop soup.