Structured cablingand data center types.. a hand please?

Any data center structured cabling gurus out there I have a problem that there are probably solutions to but since I don’t play in this world very often I don’t really know of them.

In a nutshell one of my clients has gone through a heavy remodel and is now using different sections of the building then they were before. Another occupant has moved into part of the space that they just left. Just to make things interesting all of the labeling for Ethernet wall jacks has been painted over and the new occupants stuff needs to be differentiated from the old client for a variety of obvious reasons.

Is there any cool tool or method for easily finding a “mystery Jack” or 20 out of a rack mount patch panel or switch with several hundred lines.

I normally an more of a small office feild tech where a few minutes of pulling plugs will easily sort out what is what…I will be here for a week trying that across 8000 square feet of office.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Shooting the painter is on my list as well as the decorator who thought making the plugs match the decor was more important than being able to tell which Jack was which. As cathartic is that might be and still won’t solve my problem

You can get network/cable testers where you plug a signal generator into the socket, then explore the patch panel back at the cabinet with a sort of ‘wand’ that doesn’t need to be plugged in - proximity is enough.

Something like this:

You really want to add a pair of walkie-talkies, a labelling machine and an assistant to your shopping list - having one person out in the office space moving the signal injector from one place to another, and the other at the cabinet, shouting back the patch panel numbers for the first person to label the sockets - will cut the work to a quarter of the time or less vs doing it on your own.