Struggling NFL Valiantly Holds Onto TV Viewers

Well according to the NFL, they have guaranteed the extra 50,000 fans that they need to turn the ratings from 100 million viewers to 100,050,000. Surely they can finally get a decent television contract.

NFL Shoots Down Soldier Field Showing of Super Bowl

Why’s this in the Pit?


Because the NFL is (once again) putting their need to be nit-picking douches ahead of the interest of their fans.

The NFL is being dickish, but probably to take the heat for CBS that bought the rights to the Superbowl and has the right to prevent something cool from taking place.


I assume “struggling” is meant to be sarcastic? The NFL turns down this request every. single. superbowl.

Quote: “The park district proposed admitting fans for a nominal charitable donation.The NFL said that would water down T.V. ratings.”

How do they get TV ratings besides Nielsen Ratings? Wouldn’t a Nielsen family actually have to be attending the soldier field showing rather than watching it at home to make a dent in the ratings? What are the odds of that happening?

That’s fucking awful. In 2002, San Francisco set up a big screen in a park downtown and showed the World Series. Not only was it a fun time for everyone (well, most of it was fun), but we all had the satisfaction of booing Tim McCarver in bulk. I’m surprised such things don;t happen more often.

It happens a lot. Only the NFL is stupid.

Gah, what an annoying link. Before anyone else clicks it, please be advised that it will open an ad of a lady making a sales pitch. Not a pop-up. It’s a transparency over the page.

I’m not sure they do it by “Nielsen Families” anymore, but yes, ratings are determined by finding out what a random subset of the population watched, and then extrapolating that to the entire population. So, the odds of the ratings being affected by this are nil. As the OP points out, 50,000 is such a tiny fraction of 100,000,000 that it wouldn’t matter, anyway.

Yes, and the NFL are douches every. single. superbowl.

What’s your point?

Also, i don’t even get the NFL’s objection. Surely, if the game were displayed at Soldier Field, it would be the same coverage that people are seeing at home. That is, it would be CBS coverage, with all the commercials, CBS promos, and other bullshit that comes with it.

Not only that, but if you’re at Soldier Field, you can’t even hit the “Mute” button when the commercials come on, which is what i do when i’m at home.

As Sarahfeena points out, this represents such a small percentage of Superbowl viewers that it couldn’t have any appreciable effect on ratings. If the NFL is worried that saying yes would set a precedent, and that other cities might want to do the same thing, they could make a rule whereby only the two stadiums whose teams are in the game could have a public screening.

You mute Super Bowl commercials?? That’s the only time they’re clever enough to watch 'em :smiley:

The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of Commercials!!!

Indy tried this, too, to the same effect.

Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to cheer shooting down Chicago’s hearts at home. :smiley:

Doesn’t for me. Probably due to me using Firefox with Adblock Plus. Lovely program! :smiley:

Why would anyone want to sit on a hard stadium seat, in 20 degree or colder weather to watch the game on TV anyway? :confused:

Another advantage that Indy fans would have had. . .I’ll bet it’s a lot warmer in the RCA Dome in February than it is in Soldier Field.

I don’t get it, either…but I’ll bet they would have no trouble filling the whole stadium with people who would love to be there.

Me, I will be on my own couch in my own cozy & warm living room. I love the Bears, and I love Soldier Field, but Soldier Field in February when the Bears aren’t even on the field? No thanks!

But, but, it is “Da Bears”!!!

I would not do it, but I have a friend that would in a heartbeat. He is a Chicago Fireman and he and his buddies would be the kind of nuts to sit in the stadium to collectively watch the Bears.


Sunday’s forecast is for a high of about 10 degrees. Still, there would be plenty of shirtless yahoos there, I guarantee you.

The reason they don’t allow this (I know, we tried it last year) is that it would take a ton of business away from local sports bars, etc.