Stuck in Ebook viewer hell

I recently purchased an ebook that works inside the ebook viewer program. When I tried to print select pages from it, it invokes IE then shows me “This page can not be displayed” and finally will print… -the same page no matter what page I am on, I get the same print out. On the home page which is extremely unhelpful
it tells me the files are saved in .EBK format, when I did a search to try and find another ebook viewer that might host the ebook I purchased -my results show only things about backing email up and one hit for .LIT converter (not my format).

If my guess is right ebook viewer pro is something like Adobe Acrobat where you can create and modify .pdf content and the ebook viewer is only so you can read this. Still, the book I purchased becomes locked to the computer I purchased through a password registration process and then the viewer becomes synonymous with the ebook… there isn’t an ebook file and an ebook viewer program it’s the same file locked together as an .exe… I’ve written the company already for help but gotten none.

So do a screen capture right? All computers have that feature… well the built-in function becomes corrupt when you try and paste your capture into a photo editor and It won’t allow the window for the book viewer to be visible with more advanced programs active like Snag-it or hyper-snap… I’m tempted to have someone take my computer and retype this thing in another format… but I just thought I’d bounce this issue off the walls of knowledge over here.

One thing I’d like to make clear is that I’ve purchased this ebook and I’m not trying to print the whole ebook.
Any ideas?

According to Google ‘EBK files were e-books for the Embiid Reader software; the company that produced this software is now out of business’.

You can, according to this link, convert them to other formats.

You might be better off using the free software that is available for a PC from the major ebook manufacturers such as Amazon’s Kindle.

Yep, I saw that link and I tried their converter, but it’s asking for a program called embiid.exe (the viewer) and then the ebook separately, as I’ve stated this ebook with the viewer is executed all at the same time … what I was hoping for was to have another viewer that could read this format that could assume defaults for the .EBK file format -possibly allowing me to have this ebook in a different, more flexible environment one that would allow me to print the page I want.

Converting this, seems to be a lost cause… just to get what I paid for the thinking involved with this situation borders on “dangerous waters” Either way, it just proves my low opinion of ebooks.

If there are any other suggestions I am more than willing to listen to them

Please don’t judge all ebooks and readers based on one very obscure program. Kindles or Nooks or Sonys or any other reputable make will, I’m sure, show you how good they can be. I’d be lost without my Kindle app on my smartphone.

Could you clarify what you mean here? It sounds like you’re saying that the viewer program you’re using is embedded in the ebook file. This sounds unlikely to me, it seems more likely that you have an ebook file that you are double clicking, which Windows then opens the viewer with the ebook file you requested. Could you clarify this, or at the least describe exactly which steps you take to open the ebook file for reading?

If you clarify these points, it will make solving your problems easier for anyone reading along.

Vice versa (ebook in the viewer but -alright I’ll humor you A,R) - I first downloaded this program from the site I purchased it from as a .zip file. It was directed to my “My Documents” folder as a .zip and I extracted it to my desktop(only one file was extracted -that means I never downloaded a viewer and an ebook separately). From there if you right-click on the icon, it states the title for the book and then under it states the application name as “ebook viewer” File version shows it to be Both internal names and original filename show as “viewer.exe” Which is making it all too apparent that this is the actual viewer program. Upon opening the file for the first time you are informed that the content in the viewer is locked and that a username and password must be entered to register this ebook(not to mention an internet connection)

Once this is done, the viewer with the ebook is registered to only this computer. Clicking on the viewer brings up the ebook as though it’s the only ebook this viewer will ever use. What becomes clear very quickly is that there doesn’t appear to be separation between the two - in fact, had I not gone to their ebook help page I would not even know there is one, but it states somewhere in there that the ebook viewer is made the default viewer and thus the ebook is brought up with it every time.

It was just a desperate shot of mine since I can’t find any file associations to the ebook that I could change so that another program could bring it up. I thought I could maybe find something that reads this format and set it as the default for this file format so that it effectively “steals” management and implementation of the content with perhaps better options available… I have yet to write the author about this, but we have spoken once when I was in the buying stages of this fine piece of material.