Study reveals how birds lost their penises.

Evolution isn’t always fair. Especially when it takes away your dick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lived with my uncle for a couple years and helped in his chicken pens. Quite a eyeopener for a nine year old to see a Rooster mount a hen. I never figured out how they were mating without a dick. Now I know.

A duck has a penis? I never knew that. Never looked either. :stuck_out_tongue:

True facts about the duck. I’ll never look at Daffy the same way again. :wink:

I love the True Facts videos! They’re one of the best things on Youtube!

Here is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on the topic of duck sex.

So Donald Duck is at a toons’ convention and he gets lucky, and when he and the young lady get to his room she explains that she wants to have safe sex. Donald rings reception and says “Could you send someone up to my room with a condom, please?” and the receptionist says “Certainly, Mr Duck. Do you want it putting on your bill?” and Donald replies, “No, unlike most birds I do have a penis.”

The Argentine/Lake Duck has the largest penis length to body length ratio among vertebrates. Yes, it’s corkscrew, although not how you imagine it.

Also, some female ducks have reverse-thread vaginas. Why? Because ducks are one of the rapiest species on the planet.