Stuff everybody used to hate (and now love)

Are there any movies, tv shows, songs that fit this scenario?

  1. Most people originally thought it was terrible.

  2. Some time later a few people started saying it was actually great (or decided it was so bad it was good).

  3. Most people now think it’s great (or don’t realize the people from #2 were just being ironic).


Jazz is often better appreciated with maturity. I didn’t get into it until my 40’s. Some of my friends were the same. We still listen to classic rock too.

Great example.

Lots of people now own a copy of Showgirls

Herman Melville
Vincent Van Gogh

The Ramones

Disco went from love to hate to love.

Waiting for Godot

Someone once wrote about a general pattern for playwrights in America. Their first play flops to terrible reviews. Their second play gets terrible reviews, all noting it wasn’t as good as their first play. Their third play gets terrible reviews, since it’s no where near the quality of their excellent first play. Their forth play gets terrible reviews, comparing it unfavorably to their first play, not recognized as one of the major works of modern theater.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


the Carpenters
the Bee Gees
Michael Jackson
Neil Diamond

OK, technically you can’t say that “everybody” used to hate them, since they all went multi-platinum in their day, but I distinctly recall that it was not considered “cool” to admit liking any of these acts back in the day.

David Bowie would probably fit. Had a lot of misses (‘Laughing Gnome’, anyone?) till he hit it big with ‘Space Oddity’.

I’d also add Pabst Blue Ribbon to the list.

Back in the late '60s/early '70s, the rock cognoscenti (headed by Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone) actively loathed Led Zeppelin. Nowadays, they’re considered (by many who used to regularly pan their albums and concerts) respectable rock elder statesmen.

Something similar, if more muted, happened to KISS during the mid-'90s, (coincidentally?) surrounding the reunion tour, complete with makeup, that featured the entire original lineup. But Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and their insatiable lust for the filthy lucre have done their best to largely squander whatever critical cachet and all around goodwill they’d built up during the last 15 years.

On a related note, the Village People’s “YMCA” went from being a massive disco hit in 1979 to being able to a clear a large crowded room in 1989 to being a fan favorite at sporting events in 1999.

(I still don’t like it, though.)

You never admitted to liking the Beach Boys in the '60’s if you wanted to maintain any “cool” cred. Now a lot of their songs are considered classics.

On a slightly different note, chicken wings used to be a throw-away, useless, disgusting even, part of the chicken.

Not so much anymore.

Is it cool to admit to liking any of them now?

I like “Laughing Gnome”. :frowning: