Stuff I found in my yard

I was outside in my front yard digging a flower bed earlier and I found some of the most interesting stuff, I swear.

  • An old broken flowerpot that was almost completely buried

  • A Superman action figure that looks like it has been buried for at least 10 years and is missing an arm

  • A rock (OK, this is not too interesting, but it was a frickin’ huge rock and I nearly busted the shovel on it)

  • A petrified Circus Peanut
    This is almost better than when my grandpa would show me the collection of Indian arrowheads he’d found over the years on his farm. I didn’t even know Circus Peanuts COULD petrify like that. It was actually harder than the rock.

(Petulant archaeologist alert…}

Projectile points. Not arrowheads. Projectile points.

Ain’t it cool finding stuff though? Well, with the caveat that if it’s old stuff you’re finding, you call in the proper authorities…

My parents bought their house from a roofer who had built his own house. We had a horse that we kept in our back yard. When we were putting up our fence we were amazed at all the things that were back there. Scared for our horse too. We found many many tools. All types of sharp rusted scraper/screwdriver/pointy tools. We found tons of shingles buried back there. We also found a Railroad!!! in our backyard. It turned out that a railraod used to travel through our back yard. There were tons of track spikes, wood beams, and various things that were unidentifiable. It took us two weeks to scour our 3 acres foranything that could hurt the horse.

Of course the damned Gopher Tortoises we can’t get rid of. My dad travels miles away and put them in the woods, and they always show up less than a week later. The tortoise holes can break a horses leg real quick. Nowadays, though we don’t have a horse anymore, so we let them stay. We even water them when it very hot and they are staring at the pool longingly through the screen enclosure.

I found these while digging my garden beds:

  1. the original brick well shaft for the house. It’d been filled in there was no danger of it collapsing but it was really neat coming across it. I would have loved to dig it out just to see what I’d find but common sense and my aching muscles dictated otherwise.

  2. a diamond ring. I knew a previous neighbor had lost one but how it got into my garden beds I’ll never know. A neighbor boy was helping me when it was spaded up. His face lit up like we’d found Tut’s tomb. We tried to track her down and notified the police in case she’d left a forwarding address, but we never found her. I let the boy keep the ring. I have no idea how valuable it actually was; the stone was fairly large but I don’t think diamonds resell for much. But nothing could have bought the excitement and magic finding real treasure gave him him.

Cute kid. He moved away a few years ago but I wonder if he’s on his way to being Indiana Jones.


What I didn’t find in my yard, was a “time capsule” I buried when I was about 10. Long PVC tube buried with a posthole digger, so the top was only 4" diameter. Forgot about it until 15 years later when I came across the treasure map I had made. It was exciting as hell looking for it cuz I had no idea what I had put in it, but after growing a lot, working with body lengths, small steps, large paces, not to mention rocks and trees no longer there, etc… (it was quite the elaborate map, covering about 20 acres) I never did find it. I will always wonder what’s in it and who might find it someday cuz I put the map in a glass jar in the garage for the next people who now own the property to find. But for two entire days, it was as if I was on Oak Island :slight_smile:

I don’t have a yard (just a balcony), and never found anything interesting, but I do have a link.

I had found in the woods behind my house what appeared to be a local dumping area from many decades back, there were dozens of old bottles of all shapes and sizes, as well as rotted out remnants of tin and steel cans.

Most of the bottles were about 3 to 6 inches high, and varied in color from clear to brown to green. My mother and I soaked them and cleaned them, she still uses them to this day around the house as decorations to hold flowers, etc…

This was all about when I was 7 or 8, I too at that time decided to bury a time capsule. Good luck finding it now, when I was about 13 my father raised the grade in the back yard, now my time capsule is buried under an addtional five to six feet of fill.