Stuff on new tires

When I buy a new tire for my car, the whitewall–if there is one–is lightly stained with green and there are little bristles or whiskers all around the tread. Why? :confused:

I was told it was so you can tell they are new, not lightly used second hand or retreaded tyres sold falsely as new. The marks and whiskers ware off quickly.

The “whiskers” are nubs left over from the tire forming process. The color wash on the whitewalls keeps the white bright for the final consumer. Both wear off fairly quickly.

The color and nubs, they where off quickly.

Wheare’s my dictionary?


Interestingly, not all new tires have quills. I recently drove a Jeep off the lot with 6 miles on the clock, and there was not a quill to be seen on any of the five tires. I wouldn’t be surprised if the quills are interior (ie: inside, where the air is) on this particular brand? As for the blue stuff protecting the white rubber, it may be easily removed, but dang if I was going to remove it - I made them get rid of it.