Stuff you loved that was discontinued.

I can’t believe the Immaculate Baking Company. I think they’re in South Carolina.
They stopped carrying my cookies–Key Lime ones, forget the exact name, and “Leapin Lemon–” at Whole Foods. Ok, whatever, I’ll order them by the case…I ordered several cases…
They have since stopped making them altogether. They won’t give or even sell me the recipe. They are heaven. Key Lime Pie in buttery little cookie form. Leapin Lemon–lemon bar taste, in cookie form and cookie texture. Melt in your mouth. Why, oh why?

Also: Jovan perfume by Andron. I got in trouble every time I wore it. Gone. :frowning:

I just don’t get it!

Mennon *Speed Stick *Lime

Paradigm cologne from AVON. I loved it, when I was wearing it women I worked with would actually say things like ‘my god, you smell good!’ Every man’s dream. :smiley: They quit carrying it several years ago, have never found anything that smells even similar.

Beeman’s chewing gum. Made by the same company (Clarke?) that also made BlackJack and Teaberry gum. I loved Beeman’s because of the unique flavor (it was called pepsin) and because it could cure heartburn in an instant.

I can’t remember if it was Dentyne Ice or Eclipse, but one of those gums used to come in a black cherry flavor, and damn, did I love it. I think I was the only person in the world who did. It was definitely one of the gums with hard-coated pieces inside a foil-covered blister pack with an individual ‘blister’ for each piece - not one of the ones with soft floppy pieces lined up inside, each one covered in paper. The color of the pack was purple/dark-red. Again, I can’t remember if it was Dentyne or Eclipse, but I really liked it, and as far as I can tell, it is no longer sold in stores.

This was around 2003 or 2004 when I used to buy it.

Uncle Ben’s Rice Bowls - the only microwave food I’ve had that did not taste like it came from a microwave. They were a bit pricey, but I would grab what I could when sales hit - and I guess so did most buyers so uncle Ben was probably not making enough profit to continue selling them.

Sorry about that.

The other is an older product from the late 80’s, early 90’s. I cannot recall the brand, but they were pouches that you put in boiling water, rather like sous vide long before it became popular. They had various entrees - I recall sweet and sour chicken, a beef entree, and others. They were fairly tasty, and obviously easy to prepare. After growing up with Rice a Roni, Shake n Bake and Hamburger Helper, they were a welcome alternative.

I loved a particular sweet that was available in England some 30-40 years ago… called “Sweet Tobacco” or “Pirates Gold” by Barratts, it resembled pipe tobacco in a pouch… easy to see why unacceptabkle now. Nut ut had a lovely texture and did look a lot like pipe tobacco… it was almost pure sugar with colouring…

You can still get that here.

Yummies sells beemans.

Have you tried here? I bought some Turkish Taffy from these people for my husband and gave him a trip back to the 60s. He loved it.

I miss frozen lemon cream pie. Can’t remember the brand - something that was supposed to remind you of yer ol’ grandmaw, I think. The instructions said to thaw it but we always just ate it frozen. I found some frozen Key lime pie that is reminiscent but not quite as trashy-good.

I also miss Necco brand conversation hearts in February. All they sell around here now are Brach’s (ewwww) and SweeTarts.

chuppa chup perfume

Ocean Spray Mango Mango drink. Loved it in college, then it just disappeared. I can’t seem to find Jolt cola anywhere, either.

There seem to be several bottles on eBay, FWIW.

A perfume I loved was Feu D’Issey by Issey Miyake. Discontinued nearly ten years ago and now sells for an awful lot of money on eBay. Sigh. Absolutely no other perfume like this one either.

7-Up Gold. I liked it. Also, Delfa Rolls/Danish Ribbons.

Pepsi Holiday Spice. It hasn’t been available since 2006, and I thought it was delicious though from what i’ve read most people didn’t agree with me.

Pepsi Blue. If they’d introduced it a few years later as a Mountain Dew flavor it would’ve sold, but instead it floundered.

I don’t know if it’s been formally discontinued or not, but all the Coke bottlers in this area have phased out Vault in favor of Mello Yello, which just isn’t as good.

Regal Crown Fruit Sours.

Jello pudding pops.

Interesting that we’re all coming up with food.

Me? Macaroni Grill discontinued “Sausage and Pepper Classico.” That was one of two dishes that kept me coming back.

Then they took the other one - Chicken Marsala - and ruined it. Instead of slices of portobello mushrooms, it now comes with cremini mushrooms, and the sauce is something like 2/3 butter, incredibly greasy.

The Full size Everlast Gobstoppers. They used to sell two in a plastic pack. They were 1" or more across. They were abandoned for the tiny ones that come in boxes that you can still get today from Wonka.

Pizza Hut Bigfoot Pizza
Taco Bell’s BLT burrito (I think, it had bacon and a ranch sauce).