Stuff you've dabbed, sprayed or washed yourself with accidently.

After my shower this morning, I grabbed the roll-on antiperspirant/deodorant, flipped the top and started applying it to my underarms. A few seconds transpired before I realised I was trying to ‘roll’ an aerosol bottle of perfume around in my pits.

In my defence, both the deodorant and the perfume had the same size and shaped bottle, with both having a cylindrical top. What did concern me was that I kept trying to roll the bloody thing for a few moments thinking the roll-top was just a bit stuck, when in fact it was a pointy metal thing chunking into my armpits.

I’ve heard of ladies applying insect-spray instead of hairspray, but with a mob like the SDMB, I’m sure you have some more interesting ‘application’ stories.

Share please. :slight_smile:

Due to a combination of not wearing my glasses at the moment (and strong near-sightedness), dim lighting, early morning grogginess, and happening to be trying out an orange-colored gel toothpaste at the same time that I was using an orange face cleanser in a squeeze tube… well, of course I managed to accidentally put the face cleanser on my toothbrush and then start brushing. Fortunately since it’s mostly glycerin and a little orange oil, it wasn’t that bad.

My calves get horribly dry and itchy in the winter. To remedy this one evening I rummaged around under the sink for an old bottle of lotion that I knew was under there. Upon application, I noticed it felt rather sticky and wasn’t really soaking in. A second glance at the bottle revealed that it was body wash.

I put Clearasil on my toothbrush once. When I saw how skinny the line of “toothpaste” was, I checked the tube before putting any in my mouth!

Years ago I was driving and my eyes were itchy, so I reached for my eyedrops in the glove box.

Instead of eyedrops, I grabbed the cassette player cleaning fluid, which is basically alcohol.

Man, did that stuff ever sting! I had to sit in my car for 20 minutes before I could see enough to safely drive.

This seems a bit qualitatively different from the other examples in this thread, but: When I was driving a 1969 Olds Cutlass w/ the gas cap under the rear license plate, I’d get lazy and just stick the nozzle in there and lean on the back bumper, watching the numbers tick up. Which worked fine, except for that one time it slipped out, spraying me, the car, and everything else with copious amounts of gasoline.

Good times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to hijack or even divert the thread and the OP’s question, but your post reminded me of filling up my motorcycle’s gas tank. I had to go to the bathroom badly and, thinking I was being smart and wanting to multi-task, I started filling and locked the gas nozzle to ON. Of course, it should auto-shut off when filled.

When I returned from the bathroom, it hadn’t shut off and it was over-spilling out of the tank. There was a good size puddle on the ground. It was late at night and nobody else was around to see it, or stop it.

Thankfully I only had to go #1 and not #2!

After making a snowman with my daughters the other day we decided to spray paint it neon orange. The nozzle was slightly clogged so in addition to painting the snowman I also accidentally painted my hand with flecks of neon orange.

This is apparently the funniest thing of all time to a 3 year old.

Not me, but my sister-in-law once sprayed herself with Raid instead of bug spray. And she almost put it on her face. :eek:

On my way to a lengthy social gathering last summer I threw a bottle of moisturizer in my bag, knowing that I’d want to be able to moisturize after swimming.

When I eventually applied some moisturizer to my legs it would not soak in. I was rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and all it was doing was smearing around whitely on my legs. Then I noticed the scent. It was conditioner. They were both in the same kind of travel bottle, leftover from my last airplane trip. I had to scrape it off with my beach towel. I smelled nice, but conditioner doesn’t make a very effective moisturizer.

Well, not exactly on point because I knew what was in the bottle, but I have recently superglued my fingers to various projects because I’m using a much thinner viscosity glue than usual and somehow, it hasn’t sunk in that it will flow quite far and set quite fast.

Acetone is overrated as a superglue solvent, I’ve also found.

For the record, Lysol isn’t hairspray.

My usual after-shower routine is to wrap my hair up in a towel, and then apply moisturizer to my face. Squirt moisturizer into palm of hand, rub hands together, then apply to face.

Then I take the towel off and put gel in my hair. Squirt gel into palm of hand, rub hands together, then apply to hair.

Except that one morning where I applied the gel to my face. That stuff doesn’t wash off easily. My eyebrows were very well behaved that day…

I think I’ve posted this before, but eh, whatchagonado?

I ducked home to change before going out, spritzed and sprayed. For some reason my hair wasn’t staying in spikes like it was supposed to. I realised that I’d used the hairspray on my underarms…

… and my hair wasn’t sweaty for 24 hours.

On a hiking trip, my bud had two identical small squeeze bottles containing:

  1. Dr. Bronner’s liquid Peppermint Soap
  2. Cutter’s Mosquito Repellant

Guess which one I tried using for teeth brushing. (On the plus side, I’ve never been bitten on the tongue by a mosquito since then)

Hubster was in the Army, and had just returned from a field exercise. That usually means two weeks or more of sleeping in the dirt and eating dirt.

I used to tell people he wanted a shower first, and food third.

Anyway… our kids were little, the son was still in diapers.

He goes to the bathroom to get cleaned up and starts screaming and yelling and swearing a storm.

He had brushed his teeth with Desitin.

It would have if you didn’t shave your legs…

Many moons ago, when I worked in retail, I was designated the “Saftey Officer” for our store. As such, the store manager asked me to put together a demonstration on the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Cool! Every young guy likes to play with fire, and I was going to get paid to boot! After my talk on the differences between the various extiguishers in the building we all moved outside to the back parking lot. I had selected a dry chemical model for the demo. I started a fire with some cardboard boxes and, once it was well underway, discharged the extinguisher until the fire was out. Some of the dry chemical agent was still coming out of the nozzle, looking like a smoking gun. Naturally, I blew on the nozzle and shoved it in my front pocket, gunslinger style. Did you know that the dry chemical in a fire extinguisher will bleach out fabric? And irritate skin? I do.

Years ago, for several days my elderly father mistook his tube of VO5 for Preparation H. He said it worked. :smiley:

Hahaha! I was going to post my story, but it’s so incredibly similar to yours, this would end up being a “me too” post.

This is not lip balm.