Stuffed Kohlrabi

Has anyone heard their new album yet?

Actually I’ve bought a kohlrabi for a recipe. What I wanted to know was whether you’re supposed to eat the skin? The recipe doesn’t say you’re supposed to peel them but a different part of the book suggested you are. But if you can’t eat the skin, what’s the point of stuffing them?

I couldn’t identify a kohlrabi if you put a gun to my head, but here are a couple links from last Wednesday’s Washington Post that might help:

Kohlrabi for the Novice.

The Kohlrabi Chronicles, or What Can I Make With This?

(Are you in a CSA? We are, but haven’t gotten any kohlrabi. The random assortments supplied by CSAs seem to be the major causes of vegetative confusion in the summer.)

I’ve always peeled kohlrabi when stuffing it. As for what’s the point of stuffing them? What’s the point of stuffing any vegetable? I don’t see how leaving out the skin somehow misses the point of stuffing.

Is a CSA one of those co-operative delivery things? I’m not in one but I live near a very good grocer - I saw they had some kohlrabi and knew that I had an interesting sounding recipe.

Well, with stuffed peppers or aubergine you can eat the skin so I can see why you would do that. But if you can’t eat the skin, why not just scoop out the flesh and bake it with the other ingredients in an ordinary dish? I am not asking this rhetorically - I genuinely want to know what the advantage is of putting it all back into the inedible outside parts of a vegetable. Does it give better flavour or texture or something? Anyway, you say you do peel them, so do you eat the whole stuffed kohlrabi? These are uncharted waters for me!

Yep. Once a week, we go to a church parking lot a few blocks away and pick up a mess of fruit and vegetables – whatever’s in season. It predominantly comes from one farm, but is supplemented by a few other local farms. The lack of choice actually makes it fun – we cook and eat things we would never give a chance if left to our own devices.

Yes, you eat the whole stuffed kohlarbi.