Stuffing for cash! (envelopes, that is)

[link deleted]

I have this specific web site in mind, but I imagine this pertains to many of those ads I see on telephone poles.

Are they on the level? Does anyone have any personal involvement with these companies? Can I sort the wheat from the chaff?

The basic premise is:

  1. Pay these guys a deposit. ($39.00 in this case)
  2. They send materials to stuff into envelopes.
  3. You stuff 'em (the more the merrier!).
  4. Send 'em back.
  5. They send a check (including the deposit).

Supposedly there is no more “money down.”

Any help?


P.S. Since this is my first thread creation in two years of reading, I hope to get some first-time greetings! :wink:

In your 2 years of lurking, this question has been asked several times before, most recently in this thread. In short, yes it’s a scam. Why would someone pay you that much money for something a machine could do for cheaper?

Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the link. I thought I remebered Cecil writing about it, and sure enough, I found the column linked to in that thread.

I suppose I should have searched in the first place.

Welome, greyseal. I hope you enjoy your stay. I have deleted the link you provided in your post. Leaving it there would be the same as providing free advertising for the company, and we don’t allow that.

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