Stuffing Your Relatives

I’m having an interesting conversation at work ( I work with some seriously twisted individuals) after reading a Pickles cartoon.

Would having your Loved Ones taxidermied even be legal in N.America or Europe?

It would depend on where and do some extent why. What you think of as “stuffing” wouldn’t work; fur-free animals are tough to do. You would have to get into more a plasticized format. But it can and has been done at least in a few limited examples. I can see someone picking it from among the non-traditional “post-life” options.

Somehow I know this wouldn’t be about Thanksgiving dinner…

I don’t think, even if I could do it, I’d have them preserved. Strikes me as the sort of thing that would cause people to talk about you, and I’m a private individual.

I know the Telus World of Science had an exhibit a while back of Body Worlds where cadavers have been preserved in various states of “undress” so to speak where you can see whats going on under the hood.

I wouldn’t be too keen on having Mom or Dad in situ for eternity either but I’m sure it could be considered honoring your ancestors in some way. I still don’t know whether that would be considered violating human remains or whether there would be a statute restricting you from doing so if you wanted to. I haven’t had time to really dig into this but there doesn’t seem to be any definite answer one way or the other.

Tried it on Jackass.

I really liked a stuffed bobcat I saw once so yeah, I’d do it. I think ol’ Dad would look great leaping up into the air trying to claw at a flushed quail.

Just to clarify, in your scenario do they have to be dead first?

The obligatory Monty Python references are all running through my brain.

OK – bring out your dead is probably the closest but I still prefer

This made me Chortle-Out-Loud (COL).:smiley:

If I can’t stand being near them while they’re alive, why in hell would I want to keep them around when they’re dead?

And as for my husband . . . I’ll be long gone before he dies. So it’s his decision, not mine.

I have a plan with a buddy of mine: whoever goes first, the other gets to use his skull as a drinking cup.

We even, as a side project, drew up mutual wills to that effect. :wink:

Please tell me you’l at least put clothes on him…

Meh. I’m thinking mostly dead would be sufficient, but that’s a kettle of fish for an ethicist, of which I am not…

Getting to do it now vs. having them in a corner of the basement would be a tough call.

I remember that episode. The guy initially wanted no part of it, but then his professional curiosity took over, and he started walking around Johnny Knoxville’s grandmother, sizing her up.