Stumped- Name the Bass Player

OK, really off the wall request, but I can’t find this info.

Who is the bass player in Pink’s 2002 VMA performance of “Just Like a Pill”?

I saw the show back then and noticed her, she is distictive looking (pretty cute), and from what I’ve been able to ascertain Pink has had a female bass player on tour.

A link to the YouTube video. You can get a decent look of her near the end of the song.

Kind of a long shot, but it looks quite a bit like Linda Strawberry.

Maybe you’ve already found the answer on your own, but if not, I am going to guess that it’s Janis Tanaka. Here is a photo of her.

No, I had given up on this thread (but thanks to VCO3 for contributing).

And props to Snooooopy, that is indeed her. Thanks!

I haven’t seen many questions stump this board, but this particular one was so trivial and mundane I wasn’t going to press the issue.