Finally saw this streaming on Hulu. Binged 4 episodes.

I like it, although the friend and prison kingpin story arch is wearing a little thin. Loved seeing Donal Logue. Hope his character returns from time to time.

But she does get her ass kicked in every episode. In reality, she would already have concussions and would be well on her way to CTE.

Getting better, I think it needs to focus more on Dexedrine with less time on the side stories. The other characters are fine, but just show their interaction with her, don’t let the side stories branch off. The Rockford comparison is apt, we saw the whole story from his point of view, no soap opera teases on what’s happening elsewhere.

I’m not sure I bought Artie’s sudden change of heart. We may find out he’s still playing her. Or it could be interesting if he’s actually trying to become a better person, but falls back into his scumbag ways now and then out of habit. I guess we’ll see how it plays out, but the whole “Grinch’s heart growing three sizes” bit is kind of weak sauce. I like the idea of the character much better as a rival than as an ally.

I was assuming that he was playing her and that she was on to him. ‘People don’t change!’

Donal Logue is much better at the “kind of sketchy but a good guy deep down” than as a really bad guy.

His Gotham character was a lazy, corrupt cop who eventually became a good cop. But the transition occured over the course of several seasons, not in one day because somebody yelled at him.

Anyway, I have a feeling (or at least I hope) that Artie will keep developing, perhaps in unexpected ways.

His character in Sons of Anarchy was a once good cop (maybe) who went about as bad as you can get.

Ok, so that explains “Stumptown”. What about “Rip City”? (One episode was titled “Rip City Dicks” and also there was a scene in Grey’s bar where he was wearing a “Rip City” t-shirt.)

This comes from legendary Trail Blazers’ announcer Bill Schonely. He got excited once in a late first season game when someone made a really good basket and yelled “Rip city!”. It quickly became a catchphrase for a good basket. How it got attached to the city itself is just people being goofy.

(Just don’t ask me about the 50 ������ t-shirt MrsFtG wears. Um, that’s supposed to come out 50"tree emoji".)

Still watching, and still enjoying it, all in all. The cop stuff is a bit cliched but I can overlook that. Smulders really is good in the role. My favorite bit: the PPD lieutenant calls Det. Hoffman while he’s “on vacation in Hawaii” and he comes to the door, still talking, to find her standing there with her phone to her ear.

Was Cobie Smulders in this episode? I thought I saw her but that might have been a commercial. I really enjoy this show about the friends and family of a PI. Maybe they can work her into one of the stories.

I don’t think I have ever seen a full episode of Rockford Files, though it was around when I was a kid and I am aware of it by general osmosis, and yet as soon as I watched the first episode I told myself “this is like a new Rockford Files”.

Turns out the original idea for this show - which is based off a comic book series which was in turn a planned TV series, so it came full circle - was, according to its creator, inspired by Rockford Files.

I think it has succeeded in that, judging by how many other people have independently made the same connection.

I like the show, but one thing is a little distracting. Every time they mention Detective Hoffman, for a fraction of a second I expect to see a dog. I can’t be the only one.

You’re not. :slight_smile:

:: wags tail ::

Watched ep 5. If I hadn’t seen her name in the credits, I would not have recognized Janeane Garofalo. Nice cameo by C.J. McCollum of the Blazers.

I wonder if that means, as once a name actor and significant figure, she will recur.

I thought that was her but didn’t check the credits.

I don’t know why this is being compared to the Rockford Files. I think that just came out of the PR department and it’s getting parroted. The Rockford Files was about Jim Rockford, not his friends and family and associates. Rockford was on screen for almost the entire episode for every episode except for the times he couldn’t work while injured. There were plenty of appearances for Rocky and Angel and Dennis and Beth and the rest but the focus was always on Rockford and what he does to solve cases. This show needs to focus on Dex. This is the writer’s fault, she needs good lines and plots that actually involve the character. She could be removed form the show as it is right now and it wouldn’t make much difference.

…I don’t know why you seem to think it doesn’t focus on Dex (because it does focus on Dex), but the fact that it does spend time with the other characters is a positive for me, not a negative.

If you removed her from the show it would be a different show. Everything revolves around Dex. The show is fine as it is. I’m loving it, and its my favourite new show on TV this season. I really don’t want to see the show that you want to see. I think the writers have gotten the balance just right.

All shows are ensemble shows now, to one degree or another. Even superhero shows spend as much time with the hero’s sidekicks as with the hero. It’s the nature of the beast.