Cougar Town

That’s what it’s called for now, anyway. This show comes on after Modern Family on Wednesday nights. It stars Courtney Cox. I just read an article that said they were going to change the name of it, because it doesn’t really suit the show and some people said they’d never watch a show with that name.

I really like it- it’s funny. Cox is the main character, who is divorced with a teenaged son, who reminds me of my oldest son, coincidentally. She has some neighbors and friends that hang out with her and mostly drink wine from what I can tell. They include that chick from The Drew Carey Show, who was also on Scrubs- she’s had a little collagen problem with her lips but otherwise still funny.

Notable incident from the show for an 80’s kid last night- Cox’s son was looking through her high school yearbook and found a photo of her dancing with Bruce Springsteen. “Is this you dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen?” And then she did the dance! Awesome iconic moment reference! I loved that part.

I hope it doesn’t get canceled. Tell me you’re watching it.

Did you just say “Oh God!”?

That’s it, I’m leaving.:stuck_out_tongue:

I like it - it is mindless, but fun. The best parts are the interaction with the kid - and yeah, I was really amused with the reference to the Bruce Springsteen vid.

I’ve thought Cortney Cox was hot since way back when she was in The Misfits of Science. I used to think Christa Miller was hot, but she has had too much plastic surgery.

I think Cougar Town is in a dead heat with Community for best new sitcom, with Modern Family a solid third.

This season saw a fantastic rebirth of the sitcom, without a single “fat schmoe with hot wife” pairing. Though no doubt people will still complain about that as they did last fall, despite the fact that they had already gone extinct.

I wasn’t going to give it a chance pretty much based on the name, but I didn’t change the channel after Modern Family. Now I actively seek it out on Hulu if I miss it.

It’s a fun show, horrible name.

Great show, you have listed my three favourites this season.

Ah, yes, Christa Miller- thanks!

Don’t forget Busy Phillips, she’s hotter than a cantalope in an electric oven.

Cougar Town is very funny, and I really like how the characters all have a certain reality to them and the humor is based on them. As opposed to the fat husband making fat jokes about himself or whatever. The two husbands and the teen are very funny.

Yes, but the young chica on the show is also a horn dog. Barb is funnier than all get out, but usually only has a few lines. I think the show should have it’s name changed to Poon Tang Town, being its about horny women of all ages.

I’m an idiot because I didn’t even think of the name meaning anything. I assumed in the beginning it was some sort of pun for the kid’s school team or something. Despite having watched almost every episode. I am dense, but I do like the show a lot.

There’s really nothing about the show to suggest cougardom. I guess partly why they’re changing the name of it. And I agree- Busy Phillips is somebody I could definitely get busy with, if I were inclined that way.

I know one of the actors — Josh Hopkins. He plays Grayson Ellis. I have never watched the show, though. Is he funny?

If you watched the show from the beginning you’d know why it was called Cougar Town. Cox slept with 2 or 3 different young guys in the very beginning of the show. I guess viewers were turned off by it; and the show more-or-less turned into a show about a divorced woman and her circle of friends. It has definitely gotten better as the season progressed.

Yes, he is enjoyable as the playing hard to get single neighbor who likes to chase young women. Jules (the Cox character) has been chasing him relentlessly and has finally bedded him as they are now a secret couple.