Cougartown 1/26/2011

Funny episode, but I thought it got a little sappy at the end. That’s how this show works though, I guess.

The two greatest lines of the night:

“So we should all go hide in the shower and watch my babysitter pee?”

“Mom, I’m scared!”

My DVR cut off the very end. Did Sam really dump Bobby, or was he just saying that so the rest of them would say what they honestly thought of her (as is my guess)?

I’d like to see some good things happen to Bobby.

Her face made me want to learn how to box.
Meh, the episode was ok. All of the Cougar Town episodes are just ever so slightly above the unwatchable border. I end up watching them to kill 20 minutes before going to work.

That was a hilarious line!

I think that Bobby did get dumped for real.

And I would like for some nice things to start happening in his life, as well.

Yeah, I enjoyed it. As the OP said, it always gets sappy at the end - that is the style. Will it go down as one of my all-time-favorite sit-coms? Probably not, but I still find I enjoy it.

I loved it, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. But something really bugs me about Busy Phillips’ mouth. She’s lovely, but the movements when she talks is really annoying.

Anyone else catch the reference to the show’s change in tone? Jules was talking to the annoying realtor lady at a cafe or somesuch when they start discussing how Jules is no longer a cougar. Jules’ exasperated response - I’m paraphrasing here - “What do I have to do to convince people that I’m no longer a cougar, change my name?”. It seemed a bit forced, but still rather clever.

I noticed that. I missed the first few episodes of season one, so I did not really see the ones where Jules displayed her “cougar” side.

The cougar part of the show didn’t last long at all. It quickly became more of an ensemble show - a great improvement.

I watched this show when it first came on and thought it was pretty bad. I stopped watching and just started up again at the end of last season. It has totally changed its premise (as obvious from the title jokes every week) and I think it is really a great show.

I am watching the episode from last night right now and it’s so funny. I am enjoying this show lately as much as I do modern family.

Anyone else?

Yeah, we’re chatting about last night’s episode over here.

Oh, I don’t always watch Modern Family, but I try to catch every new Cougar Town. But then, I liked Scrubs as well.

I like Better with You as well. It’s different, but the joke writing is clever.

That is one of my favorite things about the show.

Jules was never a tramp. Her one young boyfriend had to go on 10 dates with her before they had sex.