Re-Name Title of Movie/Book/TV Show

The television series “Cougar Town” is returning to a cable network - and even the writers regret the title. The first few shows were about a woman dating younger guys, but then they switched up the entire premise and it has nothing to do with “Cougars” anymore. It should get a new name.

My suggestion:

Cougar Town - “Drunks In The Suburbs”

Other suggestions:

Two and a Half Men - “The Jon Cryer Show”
Lost - “Huh?”
The Hunger Games - “Survivor - The Movie!”
Sex and the City II - “Big Suckfest”

Anything you wish to re-name?

Survivor - “Popular”


The Mentalist-- Dented Face and The Rude Know-It-All.

Firefly. I don’t know what I retitle it but it’s a really bad name. It’s not the name of any character or place in the series. It’s not even the name of the ship. It’s the name of the ship’s class. It would be like if they had taken the series Star Trek and titled it Constitution.

One of my favorite parts of Cougar Town is the title card joke about how bad the title is. Of course, a quick change to Crazy Town wouldn’t be inappropriate but it would also be a name that would apply to way too many sitcoms.