Stun Gun Affects On Different People

Recently, I purchased a 'Thunder-Stun 100,000 Volt Stun Gun’ because I needed something to threaten my parents with when they try and wake me up in too early in the morning. Eventually, juvenile stupidity kicked in and my friend and I agreed to use it on each other to see how much it would affect us physically. He used it on me first, on my right arm, which resulted in losing all control of my arm and along with rest of my body for a few seconds as the electricity ran through me. It was only slightly painful and there were no after effects.

When it was my friends turn, he sat down and I shocked him in his left arm through his shirt. Nothing happened. I moved down so the two prongs were touching his skin and shocked him for about five seconds, still nothing. I called feel his muscles vibrating but that’s it. According to the directions, after five seconds of shock he should have been disoriented on the ground mumbling incoherent vulgarities at me.

My question is: do I have a poor stun gun (I checked the battery, changed it twice, 9V) or am I “just a pussy” (in his words) and the gun only affects certain people or if you’re strong enough, you’re able to resist the charge?

I done it to myself before on my leg… don’t know the voltage or battery status but it was enough to arc an inch between the two prongs. Kinda tickled, a little.

Then again, once upon a time my buddy had a pool table in his basement, and I also used to freak people out by unscrewing the lightbulb and putting my thumb in the socket… I don’t remember how I discovered that one, I probably did it by accident once and discovered it didn’t hurt or pop the fuse and burn my finger black. This was a very old house though - I’m sure that had something to do with it.

Electricity resistant mutants walk among us.

-With dry skin. It’s got higher impedance, so the shockee gets less current.

I’ve personally witnessed a drunk friend (who weighs about 250lbs) get hit with a police taser three times before he was put onto the ground. People must naturally have different tolerances to electricity the same as heat or pain.