Stupid Adobe PDF printer driver question: Where's the PDF?

I have OS X 10.5 and InDesign CS3. I’m trying to print a newsletter to PDF format. I have to use the “Print Booklet…” option, because the newsletter is printed to tabloid paper. I can hit “Print”, but I have no idea where to find the actual document after that. Where does it end up?

Similar stuff sometimes happens to me. There’s probably a better answer, but here’s one way to find out: Do a search on your entire C drive, looking for .pdf files with today’s date on them. There probably won’t be too many, and you’ll figure it our from there.

C drive? What the hell is a C drive?
When you do a “Print” and then click the “Print to PDF” button (which is what I’m assuming you are doing), a file-save dialog box comes up, and it shows exactly where the file is being saved.

No, I’m not doing “Print to PDF”. I’m using the “Print Booklet” option in InDesign and selecting “Adobe PDF” as my printer. When I try to use the “Print to PDF” option, InDesign throws up a dialog box telling me that’s not supported.

Alternatively, does anyone know how to export a PDF in InDesign to a booklet?

From here:
It says you still have to name and save the PDF file. Is this not the case?

That’s a different PDF creation system. I’m using a printer driver called “Adobe PDF”, not the built-in “Save as PDF” option. This is what I’m trying to do.

I understand - if you read the link, it talks about printing to Adobe PDF, and says that there is a file-save dialog box. Have you tried clicking on the “Print Settings” button?

I clicked on “Print Settings,” looked through all the options, and didn’t see anything that would tell me where the file is saved. When I click “Print,” it acts like it’s printing the document, and the Adobe PDF print queue shows the document as completed, but it doesn’t give any indication as to where the file ends up. At no time am I prompted with a file save dialog box.

Try this:

Clearly this is an InDesign quirk, and no one here uses it. (Me neither). My guess is that there is some default directory where the Booklet files get placed, which is why no dialog box comes up. Where are your design files stored? The pdfs might be around there. If there is some sort of project directory, it might get put in a new subdirectory under that.

My father-in-law used to use an old music editing program which stored stuff where it wanted to, without giving you an option to save in a different location. This sounds kind of like that.

The way I see it, there are two possibilities: Either it is lying and never created the pdf file, or it did create the pdf but without telling you where it is located.

So… did you try my suggestion of searching your entire system for recently-created pdf files?

I did look for recently-created PDF files, but as far as I can tell, the files aren’t getting created.

I tested this at the Apple store the other night and it dumped the PDF file on the desktop. As far as I can tell, the difference was that I have Adobe PDF 6.0, whereas the computer at the store had Adobe PDF 8.0. My copy of InDesign CS3 is a one-month trial version, and all I have otherwise is the original Creative Suite, which installed PDF 6.0. So as far as I can tell, I’ll have to buy CS3 or CS4 to get the updated Adobe PDF and see if that works.

Sounds similar to some headaches I once got from some other programs. My guess is that the folder which it wants to save the file to doesn’t exist.

I doubt that you customized your system in some way that makes the desktop hard to find, but maybe it was only the one in the store which is saving to the desktop, and yours is going somewhere else. Is it possible that your My Documents folder was moved to some non-standard location? If so, create a new one in some more generic place, and see if that helps.