Stupid items

well, I was browsing amazon and found some curious items. Some of them are just wacky or funny. Others are plain ridiculous, such as a laptop table that you use on your steering wheel. But what puzzled me is… this. who the f*** uses 55 galons of lube? I mean, someone is actually buying that, otherwise Amazon would not really care for listing it… right? Is there an obscure market for huge amounts of lube?

I would imagine a brothel would need a bulk supply.

Well, the description sez:

The movie industry uses quite a lot of K-Y Jelly, to which this stuff sounds similar. It’s good for creature effects.

12 new? I certainly wouldn’t be interested in the used options!

Do yourself a favor and don’t Google “Japanese lotion play” (rōshon purei).
Really, don’t.

Provided I don’t violate Amazons terms I can create a listing for just about anything at whatever price I want. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever sell my 55 gallon of lube. I’ll have to work my way through it on my own or hopefully with the help of friends.

[li]Infant Circumcision Trainer, White[/li][li] Canned Unicorn Meat[/li][li] Fake Poop Stress Toy[/li][li] Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser[/li][li] Design Sense Generic Weener Kleener Soap[/li][li] Dolly The Sexy Inflatable Sheep[/li][li] Deer Rear with Bottle Opener[/li][/ul]

Actually I use a lap top to type out reports in a squad car and they are equipped with a tray similar to that. I can imagine people who travel for their employment (sales, etc) do a lot of paper work abd business reports and such in their car and this comes in handy, let me tell you.

Please tell me you dont use that driving, hahaha! What would you do if you caught someone driving and using one of those?

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From the Q&A:
Q: Is it kosher?
A: No, it is used for porking.


This blog post made that 55 gallon tub of lube famous:

Some of the reviews are hysterical
I did get rather concerned when I saw that purchases were linked to this:
Large Vinyl Gender Neutral Asian

Last year when I bought her a Costco container of condoms for Xmas she said I wasn’t romantic enough…

Wait till she see’s her gift this year!!!

As UPS discretely unloaded my 55 gallon drum, the driver accidentally spilled it into my driveway. Any amount of cars can now fit into the garage.

Our horse vet uses lube by the gallon, for equine rectal exams and such.