Stupid Ass Justice System!

How the hell can you murder two, try to murder three more and then get off with only manslaughter. What a load of crap this one turned out to be. This asshole went to the relatives home with knives… he had every intent of hurting someone.


Maybe we should grab some pistols and head to that judge’s house to “scare” her into some semblance of rationality. Of course, if we wind up killing her, it will only be because she provoked us with her idiocy. I’m sure we wouldn’t be doing anything wrong.

So, according to her, if we storm her house and beat her senseless, we can claim we were “provoked” and get a lesser sentence? COOL!

Fucking laywers. Should all burn in hell.

Woo hoo! Now we’re cookin’

::sets up lawn chair and beer cooler::

I guess I find it oddly comforting to know that the U.S. doesn’t have ALL the stoopid judges.

Nah,there are plenty of them here too Cranky! It just sickens me… these people have their lives changed forever and he didnt mean to do it…

What do you have if you have 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.

Yeah, yeah, bash the lawyers.
Without knowing much about Canadian law, it looks to me like the prosecution screwed the pooch on this one.

Apparently it was a bench trial. At least there aren’t going to be any complaints about jury failure on this one.

Saint Zero (and all the rest of you lawyer-bashers), may I point out that I’m a lawyer, and I posted the same sentiment you did, before you did. People, can’t you realize that not every lawyer is a criminal defense attorney or an ambulance chaser? Or a half-wit Canadian judge?

As much as we hate the lawyers, most legal processes are set up as an adversarial system. Prosecutors may not believe the defendant is guilty, but they will still do their best to prosecute them anyway. There is no honor system in place for defense lawyers or prosecutors out there, they just argue what they can and the jury or in this case judge is ultimately responsible to be the mediator between the two version of events.

I blame the judge on this one. If you read the judge’s comments you will see the stupid comments that were made. They didnt make a shred of sense to me.

Having personally been in a “state of emotional turmoil” I have never tried to kill anyone.

And “sending him into a ‘dissociative’ emotional state where he couldn’t control his actions” is just another cop-out. This is like the “twinky” defense. Too much sugar made me do it!

I really don’t see this as a mitigating factor here. Seems to me taking a knife into someone’s home is having the idea of hurting them or killing them in the very forefront of your mind!

I guess I’m just sick and tired of people doing things and then not wanting to take responsibility for it.

And I have to echo the lawyer bashing stop. Frankly, this guy got himself a very good lawyer and this person did their job. Sounds like the prosecution dropped the ball.

TWPM! Sue!

Well, I don’t think the point of the justice system should be for victims who want revenge. That’s petty. I think it should be for the sake protection, and making sure these things don’t happen again.

That said, I certainly don’t think you can let a person off the hook because they lost control, or because of “temporary insanity”. Once the lines get that blurry, no one can be held responsible for anything.

I think we have to assume that everyone has full reponsibility and control over themselves. It’s the only way we can operate as a society. Whether it’s true or not, we have to assume it is.

Hi! Without trying to be sarcastic, you would be one of the few I’ve met that didn’t deserve a trip to the negative afterlife of your choice.

I’ll gladly give you a chance.