Stupid Charlie Brown special ("Why, Charlie Brown, Why?")question

Okay, stupid/silly/whathaveyou question time; does anyone here know if the VHS version of the “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?” special has the post-credits “To learn more about Cancer, read…” PSA section, that was included in the original CBS broadcast?

Youtube’s been no help (the videos there ending at the credits, and/or being from later broadcasts), and the official iTunes release doesn’t have it.

But I actually would like to find that little post-credits educational bit again, specifically—for a video project, and for sentimental reasons.

(And of all the Charlie Brown questions in the world, I think that was one of the Charlie Brown-iest.)

I actually don’t remember the PSA blurb, but there was a book that accompanied the special. It was basically a story version of the show with a decent chunk of educational material in the back.