Stupid people with money

Before you sign up for, read this article.

I find it simultaneously amusing and depressing how many screwers and willing screwees there are in the world.

Welcome to Earth!

May I take your coat?
How about your car?.. Your Wife?..

Aren’t pyramid schemes illegal?

I’m suprised Brian Livingston was actually able to interview the president of the company.

Apparently not if you refer to them as something else, like “Travel Clubs”. Or, I’m guessing, “Scheme Shaped Sorta Like a Three-Dimensional Triangle” would probably be acceptable as well.

Then again, maybe that’s why they located the company in St. Kitts. Xizor: I also was quite surprised by how much information the president apparently volunteered without hesitation. A lot of things I would have guessed he would have wanted to keep quiet about, like not having a contract with an airline to name one.