Stupid Privileged White Kid Gets 6 Months for Rape, Father describes it as "20 minutes of action"

It should not have.
That is on the judge.

As for the dad, I don’t think he truly acknowledges his son’s crime.

“He is truly sorry for what occurred”?
How about “He is truly sorry for what he did”?
How about “He is truly sorry for what he did to that woman”?

*That *would be a start.

The two felonies that had the word “rape” in the title were dropped, but the three felonies of which Turner was convicted are entirely unambiguous. Wapo cite

Brock Turner was convicted of:

  • assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman

  • sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object

  • sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.
    I think they dropped the other charges because there was no semen - probably because he was interrupted, of course. The victim was found with dirt and pine needles in her vagina.

Here’s the victim’s statement in full - it’s well worth a read.

Please. Convicted rapist.

I’d say once you force your victim to relive her rape over the course of an entire year because you think the fact that she has memory loss means you could get away with it, then lose the court case anyways, you lose the right to a plea bargain. And the right to be able to eat solid food again.

It’s also a damn dirty lie. Brock at no point addressed this remorse to the one person he should have addressed it to - the victim. He never gave any indication that he was sorry for what he did, or that he accepted responsibility.

This judge should be fucking disbarred. This is a travesty.

Oh yeah, on a side note: a friend of mine on facebook responded to this with, “If there actually was a rape culture, he wouldn’t have seen jail time”. Or should I say former friend, because I am just absolutely sick of that sniveling bullshit. You want rape culture? Here’s your fucking rape culture. A culture wherein the true victim is the rapist, except they aren’t really a rapist, because they’re such a nice guy and they were all drunk, and the real villain here is political correctness.

#1, #2, and #3 - sure.

But the system doesn’t work without defense attorneys, and even pieces of shit deserve good ones (which is an indictment of the public defender process in most areas - even the good ones are buried under overwork).

Ddamn; that lady can write.

I said his methods were contemptible. But I don’t blame a parent for saying contemptible things in defense of their child. I’m not a parent but if I was I’d be willing to slander, defame, and lie about somebody if it kept my kid out of prison.

I expect a normal parent to place their love for their child above their interest in objective justice. I expect a parent to be biased towards their child.

Dan Turner wants to save his son from prison. And I’m sure Emily Doe’s father wants to beat Brock Turner to death with a baseball bat. That’s why our legal system keeps family members out of the loop. A parent’s bias in favor of their child shouldn’t be a factor in our legal system. The legal system is supposed to be impartial.

There is an effort started to recall the judge.

Maybe one reason for the judge’s attitude was this:

From here.
So, former Stanford athlete feels pity for current Stanford athlete.

And here, from the father’s letter, we find that boohoo, the little kid has lost his appetite.

Very moving.

Consumed with worry, fear, anxiety, and depression. But not with guilt, responsibility, or remorse. No talk of empathy.

If you did that, I’d call you a piece of shit, too. You’re saying that if you knew your child had murdered someone, you’d do whatever it took to try and keep your kid out of prison, EVEN THO YOU KNOW HE DID IT??? What the fuck kind of psychopath would do that? Oh right, people like Dan Turner.

You would actively try and aid your child in avoiding responsibility and consequences for their actions, even when their actions irreparably harm another?

That’s completely psycho in my opinion.

I would expect a parent to want to see their child suffer as little as possible, but when a person has done wrong, I prefer for people to admit it and accept the consequences, no matter the relation. Yes, I have faced this kind of situation and in every case I have not defended the piece of shit (I usually cut them out of my life), so yes, I’m talking from personal experience.

I don’t.

I do too, but I don’t expect them to ignore facts and try and cause more pain and suffering for the innocent person that their precious child has already harmed. How far would you, Little Nemo, really be willing to go? Would you hide the body? Would you fabricate an alibi? From your post, it certainly seems that you would do anything to save your child, no matter his crime and frankly, that’s an indefensible position to take, IMO.

But the parent’s bias DID have a place in this case, and it resulted in what many (hopefully it’s actually “most”) people consider a travesty.

Since you have said you would do the same things Dan Turner did, and more, to defend your child, I’m curious to know: do you think this was justice served or a travesty?

Just for laffs, let’s summarize the bullet points of another letter written on Brock’s behalf, this time by one of his friends:

  • Brock Turner shouldn’t be referred to as a rapist but rather as a swim star - despite the fact that he committed rape.
  • Never mind the evidence or the jury verdict, this person is too kind and nice to ever do something like that
  • It’s okay because he was drunk and “not in control”
  • Just because he raped someone doesn’t mean he should have to suffer any kind of consequences for it
  • She was unconscious, therefore there’s no way she could know she didn’t give consent (WHAT?!)
  • A rape is just things “getting out of hand”
  • Rape is not always because of rapists (WHAT?!?)
  • Political Correctness is why we classify simple things such as men getting drunk and fucking women without their consent as rape


“Stanford student and swimmer…”, begins an article before he was a convicted rapist. But should, in my opinion begin instead, “The accused rapist…”

That he attends Stanford and is a swimmer, should not lead ahead of ‘Accused rapist’.

In my opinion. Clear enough?

You know what makes me happy about this whole thing? The one little thing that is good? That if anybody in the future Googles this guy or the judge, this whole case will be all over the first page of results. They fucking deserve that at the least.

That’s fair. It is the defense attorney’s job to put their best foot forwards - it is the judge’s job to decide their best isn’t good enough, and that this asshole will be spending the next decade in prison.

What kills me is he gets what is essentially a walk…and he is appealing to conviction! “6 months…no way man, that will be on my record forever! APPEAL!”

Jesus. I think I’m gonna puke.

His childhood friend thinks that rape isn’t caused by rapists, sometimes it’s caused by Political Correctness:

“But where do we draw the line and stop worrying about being politically correct every second of the day and see that rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists.”
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Even if I thought my kid was innocent I wouldn’t do this. Because I know it would make me and them come out looking terrible and seal in many people’s minds that the apple didn’t fall that far.

I don’t think that crap letter was the thing which decided the sentence anyway. If it was that easy to influence a judge, no one would ever do hard time. All the father accomplished was destroying his image along with his son’s. That his son got off lightly only adds insult to the injury caused by that letter.

I am perfectly happy to pit someone for trying to protect a rapist from the consequences of their actions, regardless of any blood ties. The father is a scumbag and if it were up to me would get prison time for the offensiveness of his defense of his son. In protecting his child, he’s attacking someone else’s child. That’s just evil.

Maybe Liberals can manage to win 75% of Senate and abolish The First Amendment. Then every state can have their own Speech Penal Code.