Baby raper kills 17 month old boy

This so pisses me off, and I can’t even think of the proper words. Stupid worthless piece of shit. You others have to pit this guy for me. Baby Fucking Degenerate!
Baby Fucker

I will not click on the link.

I will not click on the link.

I will not click on the link.

clicks on the link

Oh God.

I will follow Shodan’s very good advice.


Oh God is right. What the hell? The baby was 17 months…there’s a cute picture of him, connected to a video which I can’t watch at work which probably is a good thing, I don’t need to be crying right now.

You can count me in for the death penalty, too. :mad:

I oppose the death penalty.
Therefore, I need some private citizen to kill this guy, then be acquitted. :mad:

Fucking sick.

I mean, there is this twisted-logic part of my brain that has some sort of perverse understanding of the pathology of “normal” pedophiles (in the sense that their deviance is of average proportions – kids able to articulate their objections but not old enough or confident enough to fend the predators off) – the sense of wanting to partake of the innocence of youth and/or recapture what was taken from them by taking from others, or suchlike. It’s still twisted and sick and there’s some serious mental silly buggers going on there, but there is at least an established pathology that you can work your head around.

This however is just beyond pedophilia. This is an unbelievably sick fuck whose motives I can’t even comprehend. What the fuck goes through someone’s head that makes them want to rape a fucking baby?! I mean the guy must be pretty lucid in other respects if he’s capable of holding down a job and appearing to be normal enough that the baby’s mother would trust him enough to babysit. So what the holy hell would get him all hot and bothered over a baby that’s not even two fucking years old?! And then suffocate him afterwards?!

Never mind. I don’t want to know.

I’d wish him the needle or the chair, but frankly I think sticking him in gen pop will achieve the same goals, with more satisfyingly vicious results.


Baby fucker about sums it up for me . S I C K F U C K :frowning: :mad:

The article says more charges are possible pending the investigation. I think some kind of murder charge is probably coming once they dot all their i’s and cross their t’s.

I’m against the death penalty but I’m all for life without parole in a concrete box along with chemical castration.

Not to sound too callous about the mother but I always have to wonder how women can hook up with these guys who molest their children and not know anything about it.

Working for the corrections system, Hubby has met a handful of mothers who don’t care that their men are hurting their children, and even a couple who actively encouraged it.

I’m gonna follow Shodan’s original intention.

I have cemented in my mind a conversation I had with a helicopter pilot once, such was the horror of what he told me that his face, the tundra, the inside of the cocpit is all firmly etched in my mind. He’d just come off a job as a LifeFlight pilot. I had absolutely no previous exposure to pedophiles and was pretty naive about the whole nasty business. He told me of transporting a baby that had about been ripped in two. It took me awhile to digest the substance of what he said, I looked at him confused and said “What?”… and then it hit me.

There simply ain’t words. What a disgusting few are capable of defies comprehension.

You mean dripping acid onto the guys cubes until they dissolve away into nothing? I could probably get behind that.

So… I guess you “oppose the death penalty” just because it’s a socially convenient stance to take?

At this point you have to say: “I know I’m cynical. But am I cynical enough?” :smack:

The offspring are getting an extra hug tonight, and I’m very, very glad they won’t know why.

Anyone who doubts the existence of evil in this world, there is your proof. This is a person who is sexually gratified by the pain, screams, suffering, and death of an uncompreheding infant.

I have been questioning my beliefs on the death penalty lately, but this …creature is not worthy of life. He is condensed evil.

I hope this doesn’t get kicked into MPSIMS, because it isn’t foul enough. That would be too ironic. My link from there got closed. I couldn’t decide where I should post it. Errrrrrrr… It’s my first time, give me parole.

Death penalty, my ass, this is why we need to bring back corporal punishment and torture. Beat the guy to within an inch of his life, wait till he heald, then do it again. I’d actually sleep easier if that was what happened to him.
(This coming from another guy who is against the death penalty…but like I said, we don’t kill the guy, just make him suffer physically like the family of the child has suffered emotionally, and the child itself physically before the sick fuck killed it.)

I think he suffocated during, not that it makes it any better. :frowning:

I will not click the link. I do not want to know the details. It does not make me change my mind on the death penalty. However, there should be a special cell for such people. Make a windowless concrete room with a solid steel door and a outhouse-type toilet. Put a small shaft in the ceiling so that a glimmer of light equivalent to a night light is always there. Push his food and toilet paper in and out through an opening in the steel door. Never allow any human contact for any reason, no reading material, nothing except that faint light to eat and defecate by. Then forget him. Watch him on infrared TV and when he finally dies, wheel him out.

Did you seriously just make a personal attack on someone’s personal beliefs about the death penalty in a pit thread about a sick fuck who raped and killed a baby?

Tell me this is a whoosh…

Sometimes they do know about it and still do nothing. And not, in at least one case, out of fear that the man will leave them.