Baby raper kills 17 month old boy

I’m not sure which is worse, actually. If he did it during there’s some seriously depraved indifference here (not that this isn’t already firmly established). Afterwards would seem a little more like it was some bizarre attempt at covering it up.

Either way there’s no expletive vile enough to fit.

Evil, pure evil :mad:

Evil, or just so dissociated from understanding right from wrong and unable to control any impulses?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Too dangerous to ever let walk free again. The world has no use for him. Stick him in a hole or kill him, two sides of the same coin. As long as he is never free again.

Considering this thread is full of people grasping for language to express their moral outrage at a disgusting excuse for a human being who raped an infant to death, why don’t you stow that annoying self-righteous bullshit? Start your own Pit thread about it if you can take the heat.

When I was training as a rape crisis counselor, the doctor who prepped us for the escort part of the job, i.e., physically accompanying the survivor during the rape exam, included as part of his presentation a medical illustration of the effects of a penetrative vaginal rape on an eight-year-old female. I will never forget that, and I am eternally grateful I never had to escort a child through a rape exam.

No. No, you don’t.

It doesn’t have to. This doesn’t even need to be another thread about the death penalty.

Instead, maybe we can make it a thread about this.

Some things are real. Evil is one of those things. Really, not just as artifact of our culture, but really.

Some things, we as a society have called “evil” when they really weren’t. We have suffered for our cultural blindness in the past; no doubt we will do so again in the future. And the realization that sometimes we simply call “evil” whatever we don’t understand, and the reaction against that can be a good thing. Same-sex marriage, or equal treatment for women, or racial equality, or whatever - you can come up with your own examples.

But not this. This evil is not subject to cultural limitations. It’s just there.

Karl Barth speaks of God as the “Wholly Other”. I am not sure about that: if we came from His hands it stands to reason that we would have more in common with God than if we did not. I think of evil as the Wholly Other - something that we were not meant for at all; something that we want to remove ourselves from, or remove from ourselves. Maybe that’s why I want to kill and you want to lock him away forever.

Put away this evil from amongst you. One way or other.


I have a son about that age. Just the thought that someone could do that…

Crucifiction. I’d pull up a lawnchair and pop a beer while watching this guy suffocate. And if that makes me a viscious, vindictive person, I can live with that.

Since capital punishment for this has already been brought up:
This is the kind of case that makes it hard to oppose the death penalty. I do and am committed to that position for philosophical and practical reasons. But this makes it tough.

If some people are having trouble understanding the rape … well, there’s nothing to understand. It’s not understandable. The rapist himself probably doesn’t understand it. There is simply no reason for it that a rational mind can grasp. This guy needs to be permanently, utterly and irrevocably separated from society, for the safety of all of us. He needs to be studied like a frog in a high school biology class so we can try to figure out what causes people like him so we can protect ourselves without building concrete boxes or killing the misfits.

SeaDog said it best. “Evil, pure evil.”

Mind if I pull up a chair Weirddave?

She’s asleep in the next room so the child must not of screamed, or did he?

Did the child die of the abuse or was he killed prior?

Died from the abuse-he was suffocated.

I believe it said they worked opposite shifts at a Wal-Mart. She was working while he was home “watching” the kid and sleeping.

Yes. How is it not hypocritical to say “I don’t support the death penalty, but I wish someone would kill this guy”?

The article says she was sleeping in the next room. The boy would have been in pain (understatement, because there are no words…) and I assume the rapist pushed the boy’s head into the pillows to keep from waking the woman.

I feel sick.

scr4, shut the fuck up.

This reasoning is sound, but its flaw was displayed in the aftermath of the Wesley Dodd case in Washington State. Dodd really, really enjoyed being studied and interviewed by case workers. In fact, he enjoyed both going over the horrific details as well as bullshitting about what morivated him almost as much as he enjoyed the actual killings themselves. The system in effect gave him an all expenses paid, in-depth vacation at “Lake Me,” until the authorites got wise to his game and expeditied his execution.

I suppose that a person could be opposed to the death penalty as an institution (the government putting people to death), but have a different opinion about murder by an individual.

When it is a bon mot intended to illicit a humerous reaction from the reader.

See also: Joke

But by all means, we’ll ignore the moral dissonance shown here. People are stating that they’re against the death penalty. Presumably, because they feel (rightly) that it is cruel and unusual punishment. But the very next idea expressed by some of these folks not only condones, but in not a few cases, advocates, physical and mental torture. Aren’t those cruel and unusual, too? Particularly given the perpetrator of this hideous violation is almost certainly not fully competent mentally.

I think it’s a very valid complaint made by scr4, and I fail to see why he’s being self-righteous to question the dissonance displayed here. Certainly we’re capable of an expression of “moral outrage,” without resorting to such violent images ourselves.


Nope. I live in Texas, where it’s decidedly a socially inconvenient stance to take.

The post you quoted was my attempt to be somewhat funny around the idea that I oppose capital punishment but can relate to the emotions behind it when I hear stories like this.

That’s not why I’M against the death penalty and I don’t think I’m alone.