Stupid question about drugs and travel

OK, I don’t do drugs, like ever. I was just in Vegas for a couple days and while travelling I was thinking about how a person would bring drugs with them on vacation.

It doesn’t seem like you could get them thru NSA security. I also assume that placing them on your checked bags would be difficult, I always seem to get my carry on searched.

If you can’t bring your own while flying, how do you find someone to sell to you in a strange city?? Is there some kind of code word you can say to the Cabbie? If you find a head shop, how do you ask them for advice w/o them thinking you are a cop?

I’m sure there is an answer, but I’m very drug ignorant. Help me understand how this all works.

Thanks for fighting my ignorance.

I have to ask, why would you need to know this?

(I don’t know)

Healthy curiosity. A question occurs to me that I really don’t know the answer to.

Its possible that I could answer your questions, but I’m honestly thinking that if I did, I’d get a mod warning due to board rules.

I will say that it depends on the drug in question. Pot is super easy to find where ever you go, so its not worth the risk of carrying it.

That’s all I’m going to say. Except for the part where I say that I never use anything harder than pot, and I don’t smoke that very often.

I realize that to you this seems obvious, but I’m super curious now. I have no idea how one could go about this. And I have zero interest in drugs.

I just seems to me that if it really were that easy the cops would have no trouble at all in just shutting it down. :confused:

Go to any major party place in any city and you can find pot. Listen to the people walking by you, someone saying “weed, pot, I’ve got smoke” as they walk by is a really good clue. Looking like someone who would like to smoke a joint while on vacation helps.

People selling 20 dollar baggies of pot aren’t really on the radar screen for most cops. I’ve been offered harder stuff after sharing a little of my newly bought baggie.

The big thing to remember is that druggies are not thinking so well. If they are selling to support their habit and their habit gets expensive, they will take stupid risks. Some of them will sell to cops and go to jail, but more will spring up to take their place and share their joy with others.

You also need to remember that most druggies don’t travel. They don’t have the money. The ones who do have the money think that the laws don’t apply to them, and they are probably right because the can toss money around until they snort it all up.

The obvious alternative to your luggage is on your person.

Really to answer this question the first thing to ask is exactly what detection methods they use? Anyone know?

I’m going to shut this topic down because it comes dangerously close to being “How can I get illegal drugs once I’ve traveled somewhere?”

I understand if you’re asking “If I have a prescription for drugs, how can I get a new prescription for them once I’ve landed?” but in that case, you may need to word it a little better than you did here. Feel free to restart the thread if that was your intent (and maybe think about having it in GQ if you’re really wanting a factual answer).