Stupid Rental Office

Blast them. Since I’m living at home for the summer, I have to mail in the rent on the apartment I won’t be using again until August. And I did just that last week, along with my lease renewal, in one of those BIG express mail envelopes from the post office. You’d think something like that would scream “IMPORTANT!” and go right to the head honcho.

Nope. Some idiot tossed it into the mailroom (where the RESIDENT’S packages go…this thing should have gone straight to the manager’s desk). Management calls my parents’ home yesterday, demanding to know where the rent was. Thankfully, the office lady found my express package, gathering dust in the corner, and cleared up the matter.

Who tosses an express package in the mailroom? Got me into a panic over nothing. Oh, and they wouldn’t let me get a ten-month lease either, so I have to pay an extra two months’ rent next year for an apartment I’ll never need again. Sigh. I hope they get groin beetles.