Stupid Rolly Film!

BAH! STUPID FILM THAT IS ALL ROLLY! I’m trying to use a flatbed scanner with a film adaptor to scan negatives into a computer. Problem is, the film is super rolly, and refuses to cooperate. I carefully wipe all the dust off of the negative, only to lose my grip on the edges and have the thing flip itself into the air so it can land on a tabletop or the floor, getting twice as covered in dust and bits of tiny stuff.

I put it down on the scanner, carefully getting it to line up with the frame while trying not to leave fingerprints on it, and as soon as I take my fingers off the film to put the adaptor down on top of it, the film goes BOING up into the air, landing on the floor again.


I’m sorry, but this is one of the funniest sentences that I have ever read. It rivals Homer’s monkey butler.

Not kinky, curly or spiraled, but “rolly.” Brilliant.

I was sitting here trying to figure out what ‘rolly’ meant. As in rhymes with “folly”. Hmm, some British slang I’m not aware of? So I opened the thread and …d’oh!!

I thought he was pitting a film starring my father-in-law, Roland (called Rolly, rhymes with ‘folly’).

I thought you meant Rollei film.

With all due respect to the trauma you have experienced, I think this thread would be better suited for MPSIMS.

Johnny LA’s latest documentary:
Life of Roland Daschain

Kirkus Reviews Sez:
This film Smells funny, but it’s Not!
-Sorry Johnny. I’m sure you’d never make anything that sucky.

A nice hot clothes iron should take care of that.

(by completly destroying the film so don’t do it.)

Must be a negative of Wildest Bill. GOTCHA YA!

While others just make fun of your word choice (and/or appreciate it…I thought it very apt) I will commiserate. I guessed what you were on about from the title.

I still use real film even though I do most of my printing on the computer. And even though I tell them to cut it, when I ask for proess only I get back a roll that …well, will never be non-rolly. Completely impossible to use on a flatbed. I’ve gone looking for a negative holder. And found something semi-adequate for one negative. But I really want something I can do a “contact sheet” with. Can’t be found.

I feel your pain.

Well, the photolab I go to is pretty good about cutting negatives when I ask them to, it’s just that I never remember to ask :smack: